Stephanie Crosby(nee Speck) is the deuragonist of the first movie of Short Circuit. She is an environmentalist who takes in Number 5 aka Johnny 5. She is a kind woman who is able to help those in need and will be there to help Johnny or Newton. In the MCF series, she is Skyla's adoptive mother. She has curly brown hair, a white shirt, a purple jacket, blue pants and shoes; she is 'portrayed' by Ally Sheedy.


Stephanie was taking a drive when she encounters Number 5, thinking he's an alien. She welcomes into her home where he feeds off of knowledge, feeling "alive"(since he was struck by lightning). Stephanie tells Number 5 that NOVA is looking for him to find out why he's malfunctioning. At first he doesn't worry until he accidentally steps on a grasshopper and finds out NOVA will "kill" him. Stephanie then teams up with Newton Crosby, who she later marries and they decide to protect Number 5 from Nova. Once the whole thing is settled with Number 5 creating a decoy of himself to distract the soldiers, Stephanie and Newton start a relationship and they and Number 5 who renames himself Johnny 5 after the song "Hey Johnny" when he entered Stephanie's home move to Montana.

MCF Stories

In the MCF stories, it shown that she married Newton and they both adopted Skyla as a baby, similar to how the other MCF were. They both love their adoptive daughter very much, despite Skyla being an outcast from society until she starts to get more friends. More background is revealed during "MCF: The Mystery of Skyla."


  • MCF: The Mystery of Skyla(Debut)


  • She is the second adoptive mother to come from a movie released in 1986. The other was Audrey Krelborn, Jessy's adoptive mother from Little Shop of Horrors.