Spike, assistant to Twilight Sparkle

Spike the Dragon is the assistant to Twilight Sparkle on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." He helps out Twilight practice her spells and sometimes helps her and her friends learn the meaning of friendship. He has a secret crush on Rarity, which was kept secret until "Secrets of My Excess", where they become fond of one another. He is voiced by Cathy Weseluck. 


Spike is a purple dragon with green tummy and scales. Spike meets Twilight during her studies. She  He has a ceraving for gems like it is for a snack. If greedy, he grows to an adult form that almost destroys Ponyville, but his crush on Rarity and when he gave her the Fire Ruby changed him bcka to normal. He has a sardonic personality, but he is always there for when Twilight and his frinds need him. In the end of each episode, he breathes fire on the girls' message to Celestia, if Celestia sends one back he burps it out.

In "MCF: Adventures in Ponyville," he joins the girls in helping the Mane Six on their adventures.


  • MCF: The Race of Death (debut)
  • MCF and the Pony Mystery (Return)
  • MCF: Adventures in Ponyville
  • MCF and the Murder Mystery 
  • MCF: The New Sunset


  •  Spike and Rarity's relationship is one of the most favorite couples on the MLP franchises.
  • Spike has a trouble problem with Fluttershy's pet bunny Angel, but sees more to that in "Just for Sidekicks."
  • He'll return in future MCF stories
  • In "MCF: The Race of Death", he was the one who invited the MCF to lunch with the Mane Six.