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Sophie with Brown hair

Sophie with brown hair


Sophie Jenkins(nee Hatter) is the wife of the famed magician Howl Jenkins and the long-lost biological mother of Daisy Sarutobi who debuted in the film "Hayou Miasaki's Howl's Moving Castle." , but her first MCF story is "MCF: Families Reunited at Last.". She is 'voiced' by Emily Mortimier.


Sophie is in her early 20s like Howl. Before her normal appearence, Sophie used to have long brown hair in a braid. When the wicked Witch of the Waste cursed her, she turned into a 90 year old woman with white/silver hair. When she gained more confidence in herself/fell in love with Howl, she transformed back to normal, she still kept the silver hair, though it's short because she gave the rest of it to Calicifer to power up the castle and help Howl.


Sophie was a worker at her mother's hat shop and was saved by Howl from being harrased by soldiers. They felt a spark and Sophie returned back to the shop...until the Wicked Witch of the Waste came and transforms Sophie into an old woman out of jealousy. Sophie knew she needed the curse to be broken and fast. She headed to Howl's moving castle and poses his mother in order to help him around the house. In realizty, she needed his help to get rid of her curse. During her stay, she meets Markl, Howl's apprentice and Calicifer, the castle's powerhouse and a living flame.  She cleans every room in the house, but accidentally mixes the potions in the bathrooms, turning her future husband's hair from blonde to orange, before settling to the normal black. Sophie and Markyl clean up Howl up.

As time went by, she fell in love with Howl and gained confidence in herself slowly, she started to transform back to normal, however, she kept her hair silver/gray. Sophie goes to the palace for Howl to convince Madame Suliman after giving her a ring. Sophie finds out from Madame Sulliman that Howl has been taken over by a demon and the Wicked Witch of the Waste has her powers drained and reforemed. Sophie is taken out of the palace by Howl(who has transformed into a bird demon). Sophie gets away and crashes into the castle where she confesses her love for Howl in a dream. Once the curse was broken, Sophie realizes she has to break Howl's curse. She sacrifices part of her hair to power up the castle and have Calicifer give Howl his heart back. Howl wakes up and tells Sophie she's pretty with her hair being silver. They get married and move on for a new adventure.

Though it wasn't in "Mystery Case Files the Fanfiction" as Daisy appeared later on, in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last", she and Howl revealed themselves as Daisy's biological parents.

In "The Dark Past of Howlsville", she instantly accepts Daisy for who she is and accepts Sasuke as Daisy's boyfriend after Daisy saves her and Howl's lives during a case.

She and Howl get a major appearence in "Daisy and the Stone Queen" where they help Daisy solve the case of stopping the Stone Queen from turning everyone into stone.


  • She is voiced by Emily Mortimier, who also plays Raina's adoptive mother Nicole Durante Clouseau.
  • It has been revealed that Sophie almost was forced to marry Discord in "Sophielina" a parody of "Thumbelina" by Nausicaa of the Spirits. This was referenced by Discord when teasing Daisy about her biological parents.
  • Despite her final last name being Jenkins, Sophie is sometimes referred to by her maiden name Sophei Hatter.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut)
  • MCF: The Dark Past of Howlville
  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen
  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting (Coming soon)

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