Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett is a minor character in "Rise of the GUardians". She is Jamie Bennett's baby sister and Bunnymund's daughter-like figure. She is 'voiced' by Georgie Grieve.


2-year old Sophie Bennett first appears in "Rise of the Guardians" with her brother excited about Easter, before she tripped on teh stairs. She later appears taking North(Santa Claus)'s magic snowglobe and falls into the Easter Portal.  She encounters the Guardians and forms a bond with Bunnymund. She is later taken home by Jack Frost, but she along with her brother and everybody else stand up to Pitch and stop him wiht the help of the Guardians. She is last seen saying goodbye to the Guardians.

She debuts in "MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting" where she is taken care of by Raina who is her babysitter. She'll get them into several adventures as Raina tries to protect her from a witch and other creatures and get home before her parents come to pick her up.


  • Sophie shares the same name as Daisy's biological mother Sophie Jenkins.
  • Sophe looks like Young Cosette from Les Miserables, which also mirrors the father-daughter like relationship she has with Bunnymund in the film.
  • Sophie forms a bond with Raina as a older sister figure. Not only that, she also forms a bond with Louis(a father figure to her), Baloo(uncle figure to her), Bagheera(2nd uncle figure to her), Mowgli(older brother figure), and the Gummi Bears(as a family figure: Gusto, Gruffi, Zummi(uncle figures to her), Grammi(aunt figure), Sunni, Tummi and Cubbi(brother/sister figures)
  • Since Sophie is two, she calls her friends and figures by different things.


  • MCF: Adventures in Sophie-Sitting(debut)

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