Sophie is a character in Anastasia. She is the Dowager Empress's cousin and Vlad's girlfriend. She is a pleasingly plump womoan with blue eyes, short blonde hair and wears a purple dress. She is voiced by Berdenatte Peters.


Sophie is mentioned a lot by Vlad during the journey and Dimitri tells Anya that to get to the Empress, they must prove it to Sophie. Once they get there, Sophie was warned by MArie not to have her interview any more Anastasias for a while as she is too heartbroken. She however, with persuasion from Vlad, she interviews Anya. Anya tells the truth and it convinces her. She then takes them shopping in Paris. She then appears at the opera, and at the end where she hears of Anya and Dimitri's elopement.


  • MCF and the Flowers of Blood(Debut; minor appearance)
  • MCF: Wander's World Tour

Trivia Edit

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