The Solar Surfers are machines that are used to transport the girls anywhere besides their magic. They are inspired from the one Jim Hawkins had in the movie "Treasure Planet" only in designs for the girls' tastes.


It will be revealed in a future story, but the girls use them to get from place to place. Daisy recently got hers starting with "MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding". The only time where the girls don't use their surfers so far is "MCF: Thunder in the Jungle" because Rigby broke them and Mordecai got them in the shop so they had to result in using Carpet for transportation.


Jessy's Surfer-Jessy's surfer is red and it has Shukaku on it hence her taste in monsters.

Emmy's Surfer-Emmy's surfer is purple and it has Mickey Mouse ears since she, like the rest of the girls are Disney lovers.

Raina's surfer-Raina's surfer is pink with music notes and bubbles on it because of her love for singing and her kindness towards others.

Starz's surfer-Starz's is light pink with starz on them, because it is the mark of a Starian and it's part of her name.

Tracy's surfer-Tracy's surfer is green with her adoptive father Ben Tennyson's aliens on them because of her gift of the Omnitrix she got for her birthday years ago.

Daisy's surfer-Daisy, being the new member has a blue surfer with ninja signs on them because of her adoptive ninja based background and her boyfriend Sasuke.


  • Tracy
  • Emmy
  • Jessy
  • Starz
  • Raina
  • Daisy
  • Mordecai and Rigby
  • Tricia
  • Jose Carioca


  • Boys, We Shrunk the Authoresses(debut)
  • MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding
  • MCF: The Curse of Mermaid Lake
  • MCF: Up the Amazon(upcoming)

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