A ancient society of shapeshifters, created to protect the secrets of true shapechanging, and as a way for those who possess the heart, gift and pacients of shapeshifting.


It symbol is of a human in mid-transformation into a creature.

Purpose and beginingsEdit

The Society was crated tens of thousands of years ago by the first human to ever learn to shapeshift and master it at a point where he can change and use the powers of great creatures. He created the society to both protect his teachings, and to spread it to those who possess the heart, gift and pacients of Shapeshifting.

The Purpose of the society of shapechangers is to hide the secrets of True shapeshifting, a powerful secret that many a selfish theifs or tirents wish to get there hands on.

It is also a refuge for people who were shunned becuse of there shapechanging abilitys, and a way to be guarded and protected from the world.

Ultimate TresureEdit

The Soul of ShapeshiftingEdit

Much as its name, it is a glass orb where the inside resembles a cosmic void, which holds the memorys and spirits of Shapeshifting masters past as well as grant its holder the power to shapechange, however it is sentent and a live as th earth itself, so anyone who isnt a shapeshifter and possesses a wicked and terrible heart on the inside, will transform into what they truely are on the inside.

However to its kin, if they are worthy enough, the Soul of Shapeshifting will drag the mind of the holder into the orb to meet the spirits of the masters and old leaders of the society.


  • Angela (Bellas Mom)
  • Queen Chrysilas (MLP: Freindship Is magic)
  • Messina (Freddie as F.R.O.7)