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Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song) - Ertha Kitt03:38

Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song) - Ertha Kitt

Snuff Out the Light is a song that was originally supposed to be in The Kngdom of the Sun, before they changed it into the movie, The Emperor's NEw Groove. In the song, it is revealed tha Yzma is a sorceress whose beauty was taken by the sun as she proclaims and she calls upon a demon named Supai to make eternal darkness. The song was cut, but it is a popular hit with AMVs and such.


When a woman acquires a certain age
And the men who adored you no longer swoon
It pays to avoid the sunlit days
And live by the light of the kindly moon
But the moon grows old just like us all
And her beautiful years are done
So now she prays through endless days
To take her revenge on the sun
When I was a girl at my daddy's side
Papa, the royal mortician
Revealed to me in secret signs
The mark of the magician
And daddy was no dummy
Did outrageous things with a mummy
And often the stiffs that he would shrive
Would look better dead than they did alive
I studied well; I learnt the trade
I thought my looks would never fade
If I could find that recipe
To give eternal youth to me
It was always my ambition
To use Papa's tuition
And gain some small remission
From the vagaries of time
Every little ray of sunshine robs me of my youth
Who to blame? Who the one? Who to curse?
You know the only one to blame would be my enemy, the sun
Snuff out the light
Claim your right
To a world of darknes
Snuff out the light,
Of a world of darkness
Supai, baby, turn me on
Every wrinkle soon be gone
I could squeeze myself with glee
The promises you made to me
I've really stopped at nothing
Murder, treachery and lying
Whatever it takes to keep my looks
You really can't blame a girl for trying
Snuff out the light
Claim your right
To a world of darkness
Snuff out the light,
Of a world of darkness
Snuff out the light
Claim your right
To a world of darkness
Snuff out the light here tonight

 :Apparitions of eternal darkness

Spiraling in circles through the night
Creatures of beguiling blackness
No MORE squinting in the light
Bats and owls and coiled sea dragons
Crocodile and carrion beasts
Swirling in the growing darkness
Join us in the coming feast
Spectre wraith and apparition
Spirit demon, phantom shade
Salamander serpents, dog-faced devils
Dance and watch the dying sunlight fade


  • Yzma(Deleted song form THe Emperor's New Groove/Kingdom of the Sun)
  • Blackfire(MCF and the Murder Mystery)

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