Snowanna Rainbeau is a minor character and a racer in the Sugar Rush game in Wreck-it-Ralph. Not much is seen or heard of Snowanna, but she was one of the racers who bully Vanellope at first. She has tan skin, a snowcoane afro and purple clothes; In the MCF series, she is voiced by Cree Summer.


She is one of the racers who bully Vanellope in the movie "Wreck-it-Ralph." Snowanna along with the other racer's memories of her being a princess are hidden away by King Candy/Turbo until the game was restored when Vanellope crossed the finish line. When her memories are restored, she along with the other racers apologize and beg for Vanellope's forgiveness. She is among the racers who is last seen racing with Vanellope.

Her role is the same in "MCF: The Race of Death"

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" Episode "Switched Minds' she gets a major role. In it, her mind is swapped with La Paradox and he was doing crimes in her body, before the MCF along with the Cooper Gang and Ratchet capture him and bring Snowanna's body back to Snowanna.


  • The popsicle stick in Snowanna's hair is meant to resemble an afro pick, a comb that was popularized and worn in the hair during the 1970's. 
  • Her plush is grape candy scented.
  • Her fans are small, round anthropomorphic gumballs with bowties and toothy grins.
  • She, Adorabeezle and Nougetsia seem to be the only racers that are based around frozen treats.
  • It is possible that her catchphrase is "Go Go Snow!" because it is written on her stand.
  • In Sugar Rush Speedway, her kart seems to look a bit different and seems a bit smaller than the kart she uses in the movie.
  • Snowanna's Norwegian name: "Snø-anna Regnbue"/ "snø" (snow) and "regnbue" (trasliteration for "rainbow")


  • MCF: The Race of Death(Debut)
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(episode: Switched Minds)

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