Snow Miser is a supporting character from "The Year Without a Santa Claus". He is the practical jokester of the two and the more nicer. He lives in the Northen part in a fancy ice castle. He has ice hair, a big nose,a blue/white scarf, white pants, blue gloves, jacket and shoes. He was voiced by Dick Shawn until 1987.


Snow Miser first appears trying to knock Vixen, Jingle and Jangle thinking they were going to go in Heat Miser's territory. They escape and Snow Miser throws a snowball at Heat Miser before he is hit in the butt by Heat Miser's heat ray. He later appears as a major role in which to get out of a conflict Jingle and Jangle set, they along with Iggy and Mrs. Claus go to see Snow Miser to ask him to bring snow to South Town USA. He refuses because everytime he brings snow to the South, Heat Miser turns it into rain or a fog. he later calls Mrs. Claus and gets into an arguement with his brother when he is told he has to surrender the North Pole for a day. They fight and Mrs. Claus goes to tell Mother Nature who makes them force to cooperate.

MCF Stories Edit

He is set to appear in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue" where he assists the RMCF when they go to see him, still making his snow-based puns.


  • A running gag in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue" is that he calls Lilo "Lila" and Coraline "Caroline".
  • Snow Miser is considered a pun master as he is using snow related words in his sentences before cracking up.


  • RMCF: The Christmas Rescue(Debut; upcoming)

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