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Snap is the deruagonist of the show Chalkzone. He is a chalk drawing based on a superhero that was created by Rudy at the age of 8. He serves as the best friend of Rudy in the show. He is a little stubborn when someone doesn't listen to him and doesn't get along well with Penny. His appearence is that of a small superhero with blue shorts, cape, mask, gloves and shoes. He also has a dislike for Reggie. He has shown to be a good friend of Rudy's in times of need. He is voiced by Candi Milo.

Bio Edit

Snap was created by Rudy when Rudy was 8 years old. He becomes his best friend after saving him from Bullynerd and gives him the head on tour of Chalkzone whenever Rudy started visiting.

He doesn't seem to have a permanent home. Throughout the series he is shown living in different homes. He held a housewarming party right after he moved into one of his new homes, saying that he must immediately host one because he might live in a totlly different one the next day. He also can't decide on what kind of house he wants to live in. In one episode, he asked Rudy to draw him a brand new house, but he was unable to decide what kind of house should it be. This made Rudy draw ducktape on his mouth to prevent from talking near the end of the episode.

However, he goes on many missions with Rudy and Penny and helps them never the less. He has shown to have a huge crush on Queen Rapsheeba since the start of the series.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF and the Chalkzone Adventure(Debut)
  • MCF: The Pumpkin Singer

Trivia Edit

  • Snap's last name was created in Snap Out of Water by Penny.
  • Steam comes out of his ears when he is angry.
  • Snap is often jealous of Penny, but is friends with her anyways.
  • Out of the whole trio, Snap is the youngest.
  • He often moves to different spots in Chalkzone to look for a new home.
  • In MCF: The Pumpkin Singer, he and a reformed Jacko are given a spell by Cedric that'll allow them to become humans and be able to live like them when they're in the human world. When Rudy tells him about him, he tells him that he's his adoptive brother from Greenland which means that Snap will live with Rudy as a cover up.

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