Skyla is the latest MCF member who first appeared in MCF: Wander's World Tour. She is set to appear in a future MCF story where she becomes a MCF member. She is voiced as a teen by Britney Snow, as a child she is voiced by Carrie Savage and then Nicole Oliver as an adult. She appears to be good friends with the MCF girls especially Tracy, Tricia, Daisy and Raina.

Physical Appearance

She has long brown hair, blue eyes with glasses around her eyes and wears a purple dress with no sleeves, and white shoes.


Skyla is known to be a very kind, gentle, and sweet person who always tries to help everyone and is usually the one to try to break up fights between people. She's also been described as shy and quiet around new people due to being bullied a lot as a child.


Skyla was born as the daughter of Milo Thatch and Kida Nekah of Atlantis. When she was only a few months old, a revived Rourke suddenly appeared and threatened to kill everyone including newborn Skyla after he would steal her powers. Her parents had no choice but to give her up for her own safety. They left her on the steps of the home of Stephanie and Newton Crosby (Short Circuit) along with a gold locket that had her name and a pokemon egg for company. She was lovingly adopted to the couple and grew up on their ranch with her usual baby-sitter being the family robot Number 5. Her powers started showing very early as she could talk to animals and turn invisible to hide from bullies, sadly, this made her an outcast among other kids and she didn't have any friends. At one point, her world temporarily fell into darkness and her family lived in Traverse Town until she was 10. During one point, her heart was taken by heartless there and she was in a coma for a week giving her a nobody named Kalsyx. Kalsyx was a prisoner of Rourke's after organization XII was destroyed. As she grew older, her love for animals grew deeper and her knowledge in robotics became better. One day when she was alone, friend of the MCF Wander met her during his world tour and befriended her. She met the MCF at an unknown time later on. Later, she met Kiba Inuzuka at a bus stop after a party and fell for him so they are now dating. At some point, she had a final showdown with Rourke, defeating him and has been reunited with her birth parents and siblings.

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MCF Appearances

  • MCF: Wander's World Tour (Debut)
  • MCF: Sir Wanderlot(Return)
  • MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF


  • Skyla has a serious gun phobia, it's likely it came from Roruke's original attack on Atlantis and the death of her grandfather
  • She's been known to help people to the point where she may even harm herself if she isn't careful because of how much she cares for others
  • She has 3 charas who are sometimes seen near her
  • Currently, she's the only MCF known to have a nobody
  • She shares much in common with Fluttershy of the Mane 6 as both are shy and love animals
  • She is scared of her main comet based powers cause they can hurt people if they get out of control.
  • Skyla is the first MCF member to be the daughter of an unofficial Disney Princess, depending on who Emmy's biological mother is she'll be the third MCF memberl to be a princess. With the first and second being Tracy and Tricia who are the daughters of Anastasia Romanov.