Short Fuse

Short Fuse is an explosive and Demolitions expert arctic seal from Belgium and a member of North Wind. He has a temper He also appears in the film Penguins of Madagascar. He is Rico's rival for being hot tempered and such and dealing with explosives. he is voiced by Ken Jeong

Bio Edit

He and the others first appear when the Penguins stop Dr. Octavus Brine's henchmen. They then put the penguins on their ship where Classified introduces the group to his group and takes them back to the headquarters. Skipper begins to explain their side of the story where Dave calls to reveals he has more Medusa Serum than what Skipper and his gang obtained. Not wanting the penguins to interfere with their plan, the North Wind tranqulizes them and sends them on an airplane before the Penguins manage to catch the octopus villain in Shanghai, just as the North Wind arrive when Private is captured along with the Mermaid Penguins and then take them to an island(on boat). The other Penguins and the North Wind fight before Skipper agrees to Classified's plan to be the distraction. Once the North Wind confront Dave, he has them captured and it's revealed that though they're awesome, they were not capable of handling Dave and his minions and try to talk it out before Private rescues them. They run off much to Private' disdain with Classifed saying "We can't all be penguins, can we?" Classifed then comes back to help Private save his teammates and all the penguins by reversing the effects of the Medusa Serum and turning Dave into a cute octopus in a snowglobe and taken home by a little girl. Short Fuse later seems to show respect with Rico and settle their differences.

MCF Stories Edit

He appears in the MCF story "MCF and the Penguins of Madagascar" where his role is the same, but he also can be temperemental with Jessy.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF and the Penguins of Madagascar(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Ken Jeong who sounds the same as Kim Ly from Turbo and Mr. Chow from the Hangover movies.
    • Both characters appeared in the MCF series a little earlier in Season 3 and 5. Kim Ly appeared in a one-shot with the Kid Crusaders and Mr. Chow appeared in Season 4 in "MCF: Big Trouble in Siam" and early Season 5 called "MCF: Fear and Road Trip in Las Vegas"

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