Sherman is the deuragonist of the movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" as well as the cartoon series of the same name. Sherman is Mr. Peabody's "adopted pet boy", but in the movie, he's his adopted son. He is a curious and intelligent boy always wanting to go back in time. He has red hair glasses, a white shirt, black shorts and white sneakers; he is voiced by Max Charles.


Sherman is the adopted boy of Mr. Peabody and a student at his school, he is an ace when it comes to history. When he is told by his "father" to make nice with Penny Peterson, a classmate who hates him, Sherman takes her to the WABAC machine to go back in time, despite Peabody's warnings.

MCF Stories Edit

Sherman is set to debut in "MCF: Tricia and the Curse of Lake Blissful" where he witnesses the event of Kari Kamiya's disappearence and the Siren and teams up with Tricia, Wander, Sylvia, Mordecai and Rigby to stop the Siren before she drowns anyone else.


  • In the original cartoon, Sherman was adopted from an orphanage, but in the movie, Peabody adopted him since he was a baby.
  • His relationship with Penny Peterson is a little simular to Jimmy and Cindy, Alvin and Brittany and Arnold and Helga.


  • MCF: Tricia and the Curse of Lake Blissful(Debut)