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Cast of Galavant - She'll Be Mine (from "Galavant" (Official Lyric Video))02:06

Cast of Galavant - She'll Be Mine (from "Galavant" (Official Lyric Video))

She'll Be Mine is a song from Galavant. It is the villain song for Richard who wants to destroy Galavant in order to woo Madalena who he just married. It is a spoof on many villain songs mixed with a Monty Python-esque twist. It will be sung by Discord in the MCF Season 4 premiere "Keep Calm and Tricia Good" with the lyrics to fit the villain's intentions: getting rid of the MCF and turning Tricia into his apprentice.

Lyrics Edit

King RichardOh, Gareth, I try so hard to please her. My very kingdom for a jewel, I respect a vow of chastity, and yet, every day I have to hear it over and over again.

Galavant, Galavant, Blah blah blah blah Galavant. I want her, need her, crave her, yes, it's true. But she is not the only thing I desperately want to do.

I want to shoot him with the crossbow. I want to stab him in the eye. I want to liberate his head from his neck, And then punt the bloody wreck sky high

I want to hurl him out a window, And shove explosives where the sun...don't...shine. Want to skewer him with swords and slowly twist 'em All around his reproductive system. Won't that be divine? Then she'll be mine.


All: Ahhh... And then you'll do it ev'ry evening King Richard: Sweet God at last! All: In ev'ry room on ev'ry floor! King Richard: Till I can't do it anymore! Gareth: With no Galavant distracting your bride. King Richard: We could start a genocidal war! All: [indistinct] Man: Wait, what?

King Richard: I'll get back to all my hobbies, Like raising taxes and tormenting the poor All: Gosh(?), those poor! King Richard: No more "Galavant is just complete perfection!" Gal would never lose his....temper! Won't that be divine?

And she'll be mine. All: La la la la! King Richard: Just mine, all mine! All: La la la la! King Richard: Mine, all mine, all mine!

Well, that was gripping.

Singers Edit

  • King Richard(Galavant)

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