Shazenka is an OC by Detective88 and a native of La Tessero who first appears in "MCF: Key to the Path". She serves as the tour guide and magic user. She teaches Cedric and Aaron teh ways of the town as well as teach Raina, Jessy and their friends when they visit. She knows that RAina and Jessy aren't goddesses when they arrive, but she plays along so she can help them, their boyfriends and their friends on the scheme. She has light tan skin, long raven hair, green eyes and she wears a pink top, a blue skirt and black shoes. She is voiced by Irene Bedard.


More will be revealed whenever the story starts. Shazenka, first appears with the Chief when they hear that the goddesses have arrived, really it was Jessy and Raina along with their friends. She is the one who teaches Cedric and Aaron about their culture and magic when they arrived. Shazenka, then finds out about the girls' true identity and start to help them on their scheme to get the treasure and get back to Cartoon Town. She also knows Discord and his family from the adventures the girls have at home from what Aaron told her and that Discord has caused chaos to the city years before the girls arrived.


  • Irene Bedard, who voices Shazenka also voices Pocahontas.
  • Shazenka was also inspired by Kida from 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire" as she is magical and has powers.


  • MCF: Key to the Path(Debut)

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