Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep is the leader of his flock in Mossy Bottom Farm in the show "Shaun the Sheep and the hero in his own film Shaun the Sheep the Movie. He is mischievous, but is a good friend to have on Mossy Bottom and he and his flock have many adventures, even if it means dragging Bitzer the Dog in. Shaun exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in the barnyard, more so than in his A Close Shave appearance. Shaun antics often lead to comic mayhem, with the little sheep having to avoid the flock's sheepdog Bitzer and the Farmer. Shaun the Sheep is an extraordinary creature who is very good natured to his fellow sheep. He is the one who usually gets the rest of the flock into trouble, but he also gets them out of trouble, too. This is completey different to his childish behavior in A Close Shave, and is obviously no longer a lamb. He is voiced by Justin Fletcher.


Shaun is the smallest of his flock but is also the smartest, making him the flock's leader and a good friend to all. Although he has been known for getting others into trouble, he is smart enough to figure out how to get them out.

Shaun was born at a unknown date and at a unknown farm. While he was still a lamb, he and his fellow sheeps were adopted by The Farmer, who nursed them and raised them as the sheeps they were. Over the years, Shaun and the other sheeps developed a strong friendship with their farmer and owner, and eventually they became more like a family than his pets.

Shaun will appear in the movie as the main protagonist.

Lovable but mischievous Shaun loves a good adventure whenever the opportunity presents itself. In his first feature film, Shaun had no end of enthusiasm for exploration and once again his curiosity has got the better of him – leading the Flock to the dizzying heights of the Big City.

While his inquisitive nature tends to land him and the Flock in trouble more often than not, Shaun is always there to pick up the pieces and to help get his friends out of a scrape. While his plans aren’t always the best ideas, he’s a good pal to have around and he’s the best of the bunch for quick thinking and making decisions.

MCF StoriesEdit

In the MCF: Families Reunited at Last episode, 'Shaun and the Big Bad Wolf' Shaun first appears stealing and eating some banana bread from Tracy. He later tries to steal their phones in order to drive the witches out but it backfires and when they discover their secret, they make a deal and a truce with each other in order to defeat the wolf. Shaun gets dressed up as a wolf to spy on the real wolf but the real wolf chases him and the others back to the farm where the farmer shoots him by mistake and nearly dies. Luckily the MCF took care of him and he is embraced by his Mossy Bottom Family while he recovers.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(episode: Shaun and the Big Bad Wolf)

Trivia Edit

  • In "Cat Got Your Brain?", he and Pidsley's minds were switched, and even though Shaun ended up in Pidsley's body, he keeps his sheep ways.
  • In "Hide and Squeak", he's revealed to be ticklish, as he was laughing when the Mouse hid in his wool.
  • Despite his trouble making ways, he cares very deeply about every single one of his Mossy Bottom family members like Timmy, his cousin whom he likes to play with. Bitzer, his big brother figure whom he cares about so much he'd do anything to help him if someone's hurt him and even the farmer, who took good care of him as a baby. His love for Bitzer is shown in Bitzer's Basic Training, where he thinks the farmer is going to get rid of him as they drive off, leaving him sad and playing with his soccer ball alone and for the farmer in his movie, when the Farmer, whom didn't recognize Shaun due to amnesia, harshly shoos Shun away, leaving the sheep stunned and heartbroken to the point of tears. However it didn't last long when in the episode Bitzer comes back with a new chair thanks to the farmer and in the movie when the farmer remembers who he is, gives Shaun a comforting kiss and even saves him from being thrown into a deep ravine before cuddling him affectionately, making him happy again.

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