Sharlene Thomas

Sharlene Thomas is Jack Frost's girlfriend and an OC of SonicX16 (former name Cupcakes11). She is a friend of the MCF and sometimes ally with them on their adventures. Her first MCF appearence is "MCF: A Christmas Mystery". Sharlene is a headstrong, happy and brave 16 year old girl with medium black hair with a tiny bit of layering snipped vertically to the ends, fair skin and red brown eyes and wears different outfits. She is voiced by Bella Heathcote while Christina Perri is her singing voice.


Not known is said about Sharlene. However, she is the daughter of Hugo and Daphne Thomas. She has four brothers named Munro, Gideon, Rupert and Iggy and she is Jack Frost's girlfriend.  It is unknown of her back story or how she met Jack, but she hangs with him and the Guardians, Sonic and the Eds and sometimes would team up with the MCF on the case.

She first appears in "A Christmas Mystery" where she and the others team up with Pitch


  • Like Raina, Jessy, Tracy and Daisy, Sharlene has suitors of her own.
  • Sharlene has a spinoff series called "Sharlene Thomas" which she is with her best friends, Sonic and the Eds.
  • Sharlene's actress Bella Heathecote is best known for playing Victoria Winters and Josette du Pres from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows".
  • Her constant switching of outfits in different appearences is simular to Kimiko Tohomiko's design in "Xiaolin Showdown."
  • Sharlene is Australian which is her mother's gene.
  • Sharlene makes a lot of friends especially Sonic and the Eds.
  • In the future, Sharlene and Jack are married which they have two sons named Trey and Craig.

Appearence Edit

  • MCF: A Christmas Mystery(debut)
  • MCF: Magical Rescue

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