A rare power that Bella possesses which alllows her to compleately transform into her favorite cartoon characters and use there powers.


On of the first characters to display shapeshifting was Bella's cartoon mom Angela, before she transfered her powers into a baby Bella, who when she became 2 she displayed her powers by turning into a baby hyena-wolf cub.

After her transfer into the human world then back to the cartoon world, she had became known as the only user of perfect shapehifting. 

Types of shapeshiftingEdit

Besides the form of shapechanging Bella possesses, there are other forms of shapeshifting, known as the sub-catagorys of shapeshifting or branched shapeshifting.

Animal shapeshifting: the basic form of shapeshifting which allows the user to turn into a animal, or animals depending on there level of mastery. At a mastery level a person can become a dragon or mythlogical creature.

Monster shapechanging: A special power that allows the user to change into well...a monster form.

Age shapeshifting: A special shapeshiting technique that belongs to Zoey Zungia which allows her to change her age from being a baby to a five year old girl (though as she gets older the age range gets higher)

Mimicry Shapeshifting: A form of shapeshifting belonging to Vladimir which allows him to gain not only the person he chooses to mimics appearance, but also there strength and weaknesses. Although it dosent seem to be able to mimic Bellas own powers or appearance, for some strange reasons.

Mermaid Shapeshifting: A special shapeshifting tencnique which allows the user to become a mermaid

Perfect ShapeshiftingEdit

Perfect Shapeshifting is a rare form of shapeshifting that belongs to Arabella Hyna Zungia Kelly, it is a form of shapeshifting that allows her to completely change into her toon freinds, and to use there powers/abilitys or to litiary merge with them, to be come them.

It stems from her desire to be close to the cartoons she calls her freinds, and hopes of bonding on a Mind, Body and Soul perspective, its really hard as it requires a deep understanding emotionally wise to perform the change or merge. The side effect is that it leaves a piece of one anothers soul, DNA and creates a mind and heart connection with one another makeing both Bella and the toons she made apart of the hyna squad like brothers or sisters (not by blood, but on a soul/mind bond scale).

Bellas formsEdit

Her forms are being able to merge/change into her cartoon freinds, which are members of the hyna squad, due to the bond they share with her.


  • Bella discribed her shapeshifting to be similar to how Tracy or Ben uses the omytrix, it feels like she is herself, but at the same time she is not, but is like a compleately diffrent person.
    • She secondary discribed it as wearing a suit or costume, only really close.

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