General(former Captain) Li Shang is the triagonist of Mulan and is Mulan's love interest. He is a brave soldier who is determined to have his team beat against the Huns. In teh second movie he marries Mulan. He has black hair, a red cape and he wears a gold/black armor; he is voiced by B.D. Wong and his singing is done by Donny Osmond. 


Shang first appears with his father setting up a battle station, however, Chi-Fu tells his father that he must head to the Tung Show Pass and tells Shang to meet him there when they're ready. Shang is set to take care fo the new recruits especially Mulan who names herself Ping to save her skin. Shang trains the recruits, while Mulan falls in love with him. They head to the Tung Show Pass(thanks to Mushu and a fake letter) where Shang learns that the Huns had already attacked the village and killed his father. Shang leads everyone to the mountains where a Hun invasion happens. When Shang is knocked cold, Mulan saves him, but this leads to herself getting a wound and herself exposed. Shang however spares her life. When Mulan sees the Huns still alive after the avalanche, she tries to warn Shang. he refuses to believe her until he witnesses the events just as soon as he is about to give Shan Yu's sword to the Emperor. Shang assists Mulan in getting the Emperor down with the help of Yao, Chien Po and Ling while Mulan defeats Shan Yu. Shang thanks Mulan for saving China and her army. He then goes to see Mulan at her house to give back her helmet and meets her family before he and Mulan have their first date: dinner at her house.

In Mulan II, he proposes to Mulan who accepts, but their relationship begins to feel rocky thanks to Mushu trying to wreck it to keep his pedestal. Shang and Mulan's relationship mends after Shang apparently falls to his death, but is revealed to be alive and rescues Mulan from marrying one of the Emperor's daughters' betrothed. Mushu conducts the ceremony for Mulan and Shang and Shang combines the family temples allowing Mushu to keep his pedestal and he finally meets Mushu.

He makes a minor appearence at the end of "MCF and the Princess Mystery", but he'll also make an appearence in "MCF: Meets the Mouse." 


  • Despite being only a soldier, he is considered as a Disney Prince.
  • He is the first Prince not to kill the main villain; the other being Naveen. 
  • He is possibly ambidextrous which means he can do things with two of his hands.
  • He is the first to show gratitude and give the heroine's attributes respect.
  • He is a clumsy dancer.
  • He is a speed reader according to the second movie.


  • MCF and the Princess Mystery(Debut; minor appearence)