Seymour Krelborn, Audrey's husband and Jessy's adoptive father


Seymour Krelborn is the timid young florist and main protagonist of the movie/musical Little Shop of Horros. He i also Jessy's adoptive father and Audrey's husband. He is played by Rick Moranis.


Seymour, the adoptive apprentice of Mr. Mushnik, is having a hard time at the shop, but comes up with great ideas. His latest is a Venus Flytrap creature which he bought for $1.95 at a flowershop on the day of the total eclipse of the sun named Audrey II. He, Mushnik and his crush, Audrey(for whom the plant was named after), display the plant in the window, attracting customers along the way. With the success however, Seymour has to take care of the plant which is wilting. Once Seymour pricks his fingers on rose thorns, he figures out what the plant wants: blood. Everynight, he feeds the plant blood, becoming weaker by the minute. After getting advice from Audrey about his self-image, he asks her out, but she can't because of her (ex) boyfriend Orin Scrivello DDS. Seymour meets Orin and sees how rough he treats Audrey, feeling pity for her. Soon, the plant wilts again before he could go to bed and suddenly comes across Audrey II who can now talk and demands more blood. When Seymour and Twoey spy Orin slapping Audrey after an issue about vitalis, Seymour gets mad and decides that Orin should be Twoey's next meal. Seymour assigns himself an appointment with Orin holding a gun, hoping to shoot him, but he can't because Orin uses a gas mask to get himself some gas before surgery. Orin couldn't take it off and dies of asphixiasion. Seymour takes the corpse, chops it up and feeds it to Twoey. Horrified and guilty for what he has done, Seymour decides not to feed it anymore. He goes to Audrey and comforts her after hearing about Orin's disappearence. He confesses his love for her and she does with him. They start dating, but after one date, Seymour is confronted by Mr. Mushnik who witnessed him chopping up Orin's body. Seymour was about to face jail, when Mushnik offers to take care of the plant for him. Just as Seymour warns him not to feed it, Twoey eats Mushnik whole. Seymour is given contracts to make a gardening show, which he agrees only if he thinsk the plant will let him have Audrey. On the day of the first shooting, Twoey wilts again, but Seymour tells everyone to leave because he can't feed it. He goes off, but Audrey tells him about the check they're going to bring. Seymour, realizing that's their ticket out, proposes to Audrey. She accepts and goes to prepare. Seymour, deciding to starve the plant, prepares to leave, but Twoey demands to be fed again. This time, Seymour refuses, but accepts only if it's already dead meat. Seymour comes back only to find that Twoey had called Audrey and lured her in to be eaten. Seymour saves Audrey and confesses. Seymour finds from Audrey that she loves him still and all she wanted was him and a sweet little house. Seymour and Audrey both learn from Patrick Martin, a salesman that he plans to make little Audrey II's and sell them. This meant that Twoey is planning world domination! Seymour refuses the offer and tells Audrey he's got to destroy the vegetable. He fights off Twoey and wins when he electrocutes him with an electric chord. Seymour and Audrey marry and move to the little tract house Audrey wanted unaware of a Audrey II bud in their garden.


  • The first mention of Seymour being Jessy's adoptive father is in "SnJ's The Hedgehog of Notre Dame."


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