"Secret Mission" - Galavant01:45

"Secret Mission" - Galavant

Secret Mission is a song from Galavant. In this song, Richard makes an alliance with Galavant when his brother Kingsley comes to take the throne from him and they plot to kill himand also on Galavant's half to rescue Sid, Isabella and everyone from the dungeon. However, as they do, they become drunk in the process, going as far as going back to the dungeon.


Galavant and Richard: Oh!

We’re off on a secret mission

We got us a secret plan

Galavant: We’re going to go and slay your bro

Richard: As quietly as we can

Galavant and Richard We’ll sneak up and surprise him

Before it is time to think

Galavant: We’re off on our way

Richard: But first another drink

Galavant and Richard: Da da da da da da da

Galavant: We’re off on a secret mission

Richard: A totally secret scheme

Galavant: We'll slightly doing you're next on kin

Richard: And quietly make him scream

Galavant: We gotta be swift and stealthy

Richardy: So not a razor stink

Galavat and Richard: We’re off on our way

But first another drink

Da, da, da, da, da, da,

Secret, secret

Hush, hush, hush

Secret, secret

(Crickets chirp)

Galavant and Richard: Oh!

We’re off on a secret mission

Galavant: It’s some kind of secret plot

Ricahard: We’re gonna go-

Galavant: Yeah!

Richard: And then?

Galavant: Exactly

Richard: Where are we?

Galavant: I forgot

Richard: We’re gonna go kill my...?

Galavant: Someone

Richard: My brother

Galavant: Rats!


Galavant and Richard: Secret, secret

Richard: Valient first, same as the first

Galavant: Word, they're a serious acoustic down there (gibberish) 


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  • Galavant, MCF and Assistants(MCF Meets Galavant)

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