Sebastian the Crab

Horatio Thelonius Ignatious Crustateous Sebastian or just Sebastian is one of the triagonists in "The Little Mermaid." He is the majordomo as well as court composer in King Triton's kingdom Atlantica. He is a red crab with yellow eyes and a Jamacian accent. He is voiced by Samuel E. Wright.


When "The Little Mermaid" starts, Sebastian is announced as being the "royal court composer", and conducts a concert that King Triton's seven daughters are supposed to perform in. Ariel, the youngest daughter, fails to show up for the concert, and later Sebastian joins King Triton in scolding her, blaming her for his humiliation. King Triton, worried about Ariel, tasks Sebastian with following her and keeping her out of trouble.

Sebastian tries to do the job given to him, and is horrified when Ariel saves the life of and falls in love with a human, Prince Eric. Sebastian accidentally lets this information slip to King Triton, who confronts Ariel and furiously destroys her grotto filled with her personal treasures. Feeling guilty for having "betrayed" Ariel, as well as being appalled with Triton's actions, Sebastian willingly follows Ariel when she visits Ursula the Sea Witch for help, and later becomes an adviser in her quest to win Prince Eric's affections.

In the film, Sebastian starts out in a parental, supervisory role over Ariel, and over time becomes her close friend

In "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea", Sebastian is tasked by King Triton to watch over Ariel's daughter, Princess Melody, repeating his role from the original film. As he is hiding in a pink ribbon, Melody grabs it by tying it up in a bow accidentally gagging him when she is getting prepared for the party. He becomes a close friend of hers and he often tries to clam her down when she proves to be angered and frustrated. Sebastian is the first to learn about Melody's disappearance and joins Ariel and the now grown-up teenage Flounder to find her. During the final battle, Sebastian battles Cloak and Dagger and after peace is restored he celebrates alongside the others as land and sea can now finally live in peace and harmony.

In "The Little Mermaid III", Sebastian is King Triton's attache, and is initially shown as being a strict enforcer of the sea king's rules. All music has been banned from Atlantica, but it is later revealed that Sebastian has been secretly performing music as the leader of The Catfish Club Band, which performs in an underground club. Technically this makes Sebastian the first character in The Little Mermaid universe to break a major law of Triton's.

When the underground club is revealed to Triton, Sebastian is placed in jail with the rest of his band. Thanks to Ariel, they manage to escape. As part of a premeditated plan, Sebastian leads them far away from Atlantica to a specific spot where Ariel finds her mother's discarded music box. Sebastian wants music to return to Atlantica, and he returns with Ariel to convince Triton to change his mind. When the film ends, music is restored to Atlantica, and Sebastian becomes the "royal court composer", setting up his role in the opening of the original film.

He is set to debut in "MCF: Meets the Mouse" as one of the allies the girls befriend.

His role in "MCF: The Musical Adventure" is the same as his movie though he tries to help Daisy get home first.


  • In "The Little Mermaid III" it is shown that Sebastian is the eldest of Ariel's friends since he was there when Ariel and her sisters were children.
  • He makes a cameo appearence in "Aladdin" as the Alasken King Crab.
  • He is simular to Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio as they're both supposed to help the protagonists, even though they disobey them.
  • He was originally going to be like Zazu and Grimsby: posh and British like, but Disney decided to make him more fun loving.
  • In the original Broadway production of the Disney movie "The Lion King" he originated the role of Mufassa.


  • MCF: Meets the Mouse(debut)
  • MCF: The Musical Adventure
  • RMCF: An Atlantican Adventure