Season 6 is the sixth season of Mystery Case Files. In this season, the girls are growing up and are discovering changes around them and their lives. However, when a threat tries to destroy the team, the girls must make a choice...a difficult choice.

Main Arcs Edit

  • The girls are older than the earlier five seasons with them being in their early to mid-20s
  • Wing becomes an official MCF member
  • Tricia takes the throne, but Tracy takes her place, thus becoming queen for a short time.
  • The MCF (Except for Tricia)and the LXMB (Except for Draco) marry.
  • The students of the Rookies and Crusaders form their own teams
  • Hazama becomes a prime antagonist in the Gems of Light and Darkness arc.
  • Skyla and Daisy get their gems as Tricia becomes the guardian of the Gem of Hope. More background on the gems are also revealed.

Synopsis Edit

Join the girls as they discover a new world of royalty, friendship and new magic beyond their dreams including a new member in Wing Skellington. Join the girls as they face new enemies emerging, old enemies returning, and a needed reality check for some members.

Episodes Edit

Queen Tricia(Tracy) and Wing's Membership Arc Edit

  • MCF: A Frozen Adventure(Season Premiere)
  • MCF: The Start of a New Light
  • MCF: To the Past and Back
    • MCF and the Cooper Caper
    • RMCF: The Magical Girl
  • MCF: The Cutie Map Parts 1+2
  • MCF: HQ Sweet HQ
  • MCF: Bloom and Gloom
  • MCF: Tanks for the Memories
  • MCF: Thanks, Twoey, for the Memories
    • KC: Applepaloosa's Most Wanted
  • MCF: Make New Friends But Keep Discord
  • MCF: The Lost Treasure of Griffinstone
  • MCF: Slice of Life
  • MCF: Princess Spike
  • MCF: Party Pooped
  • MCF: Amending Fences
  • MCF: Morro's Revenge
  • MCF: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
  • MCF: A Tale of Two Stans
  • MCF: Dungeons, Dungeons and more Dungeons
  • MCF: The Stanchurian Candidate

Changes Around Part 1Arc Edit

  • MCF: The Running Girl
  • MCF: The Greater Hater
  • MCF: Fan Fiction
  • MCF: The Boy Wander/

Gems of Light and Darkness Arc Edit

  • LMXB: The Collector

Wedding Arcs Edit

  • MCF: The Wedding Date
  • MCF: The Proposal

Nightmare Moon Arc Edit

  • MCF: The Royal Heir

Alternate Universe/Non Canon Episodes Edit

  • MCF: Swim with the Fishes
  • MCF: Beastly Fantasy
  • RMCF: Sleeping with the Story
  • KC: The Swan Kids

Trivia Edit

  • This is not the last season of MCF according to trachie171, but it does brings the spin-off/sequel canon series "NGMCF".
  • Here almost all the MCF get married in this season and are adults in this season with all their actors being adult actors rather than their teenage selves
  • Wing Skellington, Amanda, Amy and Jin TEnnyson join as official Mystery Case Files members.
  • The Rookies and MCC extend their members and not only that, they also form two groups each with their first pupils being the leaders of the second group/being co-leaders.
    • The MCF School for Future Rookies and Crusaders is developed as well.
  • Hazama returns, starting out as a minor antagonist and than becoming a major.
  • More background on Wing and the Gems of Light and Darkness will be revealed.
    • The guardians of the gems are also revealed.
  • Past lives become a major theme for the Gem arcs, bringing in Sailor Moon characters due to the gems connect of the Moon Kingdom.
  • For the very first time Tracmy's ownership of both the Gem of Hope and Omnitrix is taken from her instead given to her sister Tricia.
  • This is the first Season where a group other than MCF starts an arc, this being the LMXB starting the Gem Arc.

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