Season 5 is the fifth season of the Mystery Case Files series. In this season, despite the girls finding their parents, they have a lot of mysteries left to solve...along the way, a girl returns to the team, one of their rivals reform and the biggest surprise...change involving them and their keys in the premiere

Main Arcs Edit

  • The girls adjusting to life in the new palace and living there with their parents(biological) and assistants
  • Bella's Return to the Team
  • Sunset's Reformation
  • The Rookies, Kid Crusaders and JLXMB get new members for their teams(as well as students of their own)
  • Ultron Arc
  • Magic Spell Books which lead to the Season 5 finale.

Summary Edit

All of the girls have finally found their parents but even then the girls will face more challenges and enemies than ever before, demons, evil sirens and a rampaging robot hell bent on destroying earth. The Mystery Case Files may have their toughest challenges yet. Along the way, Bella Kelly returns to the team.

Episodes Edit

Palace Arc Edit

  • MCF: Twilight's Kingdom Parts 1-2(Season Premiere)
  • MCF: The Spirit Comes Back
  • MCF: The Time Bomb Again
  • MCF: I Ain't Genieing Around
  • MCF: Rebooted
  • MCF: Transformers
  • MCF: How to Train Your Time Travelers
  • MCF: Revenge of the Fallen
  • MCF: Guardians of the Galaxy
    • RMCF: The Key's the Word
  • MCF: Another Monsterous Mystery
  • MCF: Royal Engagement
  • MCF and the Yodelnapper
  • MCF and the Penguins of Madagascar

Sunset's Reformation/Bella's Return Arc Edit

  • MCF: Rock and Rule
  • MCF: The Pumpkin Singer(Halloween episode)
    • LXMB: The Great Fusilli
    • JLXMB: Mother Mae Eye
  • MCF: The New Sunset
  • MCF: Sunset takes the Case/MCF: The Big Job
    • KC and the Uncommon Cold
    • RMCF: Meet the New Girl
  • MCF: Gravity Battle
  • MCF: Sunset at the Palace/MCF: 1+1=MCF
  • MCF and the Rider
  • MCF: Paulina and Star
  • MCF and the Bad Apple
  • MCF: Bella's Family Secret
    • KC: Fairies are Forever
  • MCF and the Bandit

Ultron Arc Edit

  • MCF:  And Then There Was Tracy
  • MCF: Heroes of Tomorrow
  • MCF: Age of Ultron
    • RMCF: Trixie and the Reluctant Dragon
  • MCF: Ultron's Revenge (Final in Arc)

New Students Arc Edit

  • MCF: One Night with the Monster/MCF: Dia de Los Minions
  • MCF: The New Life and Times of Riley Anderson
    • RMCF and the Ice Princess
    • KC: The Curse of Princess Ivy
  • MCF: Mystery Dungeon
  • MCF: The English Curse
    • RMCF: Blythe's Special Mission
    • KC: James Thinks Big
    • JLXMB: Do the Bart, Man
  • MCF: Mystery Weekend
    • RMCF: Back to the Spirit World
    • JLXMB: Return of the League of Evil
    • JLXMB: Screweyes Strikes Back
    • KC: Return to the Second Dimension
  • MCF: Tomorrowland
    • JLXMB: Gerald Joins In
    • RMCF: Wonderland Madness

Books Arc Edit

  • MCF: Dark of the Moon
  • MCF: Age of Extinction
  • MCF: How To Train Your Time Travelers 2
  • MCF: Out of Cartoon Town
  • MCF Meets Galavant
  • MCF: The Death Note
  • MCF: Friendship Games
  • MCF: The Hunger Games
  • MCF: Catching Fire
  • MCF: Mockingjay Part 1
  • MCF: Mockingjay Part 2
  • MCF: Not What He Seems
  • MCF: A Tale of Two Stans
  • KC: Last Day of Summer
  • MCF: Senior Year
  • MCF: The Dragon, the MCF and Sunset Shimmer
  • MCF: Secret of the Books(Season Finale)

Alternate Universe/'Non Cannon Episodes Edit

  • MCF: Another Little Shop of Horrors
  • MCF and the Magic Lamp
  • MCF: Into the Woods
  • MCF: A Tiny Adventure
  • RMCF: Tangled Up With You
  • KC and the Candy House
  • JLXMB: From Neverland and Back

Trivia Edit

  • This will probably be the longest Arc of the Series since Seasons 3, 4, and 5.
  • In this season Sunset Shimmer joins the MCF at the end of the season and Bella rejoins in the middle of the season. 
  • Here is the first time where the MCF and the RMCF theme songs change along with the Kid Crusaders and the JLXMB.
  • Here is also the debut of the JLXMB forming.
    • Here, the Rookies, JLXMB, and Kid Crusaders also get new members of the team other than Bella's Rookie.
      • Rookies-Vanellope, Riley, Blythe, Chihiro, Alice, Jane Darling and Hildegarde
      • Kid Crusaders-Lydia, Amber, James, Phineas and Ferb, Pacifica, and Lucas Nickle
      • JLXMB-Rudy, Tommy, Bart, Jimmy, Louie and Gerald, Corey Riffin and Otto Rocket

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