Squishy, the most quiet member of Oozma Kappa


Scott Squibbles, Squishy by his friends is an Oozma Kappa member in Monsters University. He is an 18 year old pink monster wearing a green sweater with the Oozma Kappa initials on it. He lives with his mom Mrs. Squibbles which annoys him . He is voiced by Peter Sohn.


Squishy is seen with his fraternity trying to get other members, even by offering cake, but no reply. When Mike and Sulley join their fraternity, he tries to give them an initiantiation, but constant distractions by his mom cause . Using his talent of silent sneaking, he helps his fellow members win the scare games and gets into the Scaring Program...and gets Don for a stepdad after his mom gets engaged to him.

He debuts with his Oozma Kappa in "MCF: Monsters in College" and meet the MCF members at Mike and Sulley's college reunion, unaware that they are humans disguised as monsters.

In "My Two Tiny Angels" episode 8: Mystery Case Files Reunion(briefly), he along with the other Oozma Kappa dont' get invited to Mike and Sulley's ball because of busy schedules until they are given a Cinderella like visit from Aaron and Raina.


  • His voice actor was also Emile in "Ratatouille".


  • MCF: Monsters in College(debut)
  • My Two Tiny Angels(upcoming)

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