Schala is the gentle, demure, and beautiful princess of Queen Zeal and is a major character in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.


Adorned in purple robes, Schala sports voluminous purple or blue hair that she keeps tied with a red ribbon. She wears huge circular earrings and a Dreamstone Pendant. Her skin is very pale and she appears downcast or melancholy most of the time. In Chrono Cross, Schala appears to have blond hair. While the subject of such debate, it is because when the magicians of Zeal have their magic drained out of them, their blue hair is lost.


Schala is the princess of Zeal, and is the last wavy blue-haired woman to ever carry that title. Born into royalty, she was immediately identified as having a penchant for magic. Some speculated her ability surpassed Queen Zeal's. When the Mammon Machine was constructed, she was given a special Pendant to control it and other Sealed Doors. Her brother Janus was said to have gotten along well with Schala. She deeply cared for her younger sibling and looked out for him. Perhaps only she and Melchior knew of Janus' true power as well, for Janus expressed feeling the Black Wind to her at times. Schala also visited Algetty, where she entertained the children there and convened with the Elder. The people of Algetty later remarked that only Schala treated them as equals. After Crono's team was captured in her era, she mercifully released them in hope that they would in turn free Melchior from The Mountain of Woe. Unfortunately, the Prophet forced her to seal the Gate from which they arrived after they went back through.

After Melchior was freed and the party regrouped among the Earthbound Ones, Schala noted that she had refused to help bring the Ocean Palace to full speed. Dalton soon kidnapped her, threatening to kill her if action were taken against him. There, she was forced to use the Pendant to unlock the Mammon Machine's full potential, which caused the Ocean Palace Incident. Aghast at the wild energies and dark auras erupting from the Machine, she attempted to stop it but was shocked into submission by her mother. In her last gesture, she transported Magus and the remaining party members away after Crono was killed in his attempt to save her and stop Lavos. This was her final appearance; she remained behind amid the collapsing palace. The only solace concerning her demise came at the ending of Chrono Trigger, when Magus noted that he would search for Schala in 12000 BC without fail. After defeating Lavos, it would become his life's objective.

One of the unexplained mysteries of Chrono Trigger is what occurred regarding Schala in the Lavos Timeline during the original Ocean Palace Incident. Since her pendant was passed down to Marle, it is generally accepted that Schala was able to transport herself and possibly her mother out of the Palace before its collapse (her mother's absence tidily explaining why the Black Omen never originally arose). She also makes an appearance in the DS version of Chrono Trigger as part of the Dream Devourer, the secret final boss and the Time Devourer's unevolved form. She and the being were somehow bound both physically and mentally. After "defeating" the Dream Devourer she has a conversation with Magus. She regains control of herself for a limited time and teleports Crono's team away. She then tells Magus he cannot hope to save her as long as people lean on the crutch of power. The other Magus then becomes angry and erases his memories in an attempt to do as Schala asks and save her without "power". He finds he is in the woods with no memories except that he is in search of something.


Schala is set to appear in the Gem arc, being one of the current guardians of a gem. How she is alive in this world will be revealed in the story where she appears in.


  • The name Schala comes from the Arabic name, Salah, meaning virtuous. A prominent prophet in Islamic tradition bears this name. Her Japanese name, Sara, means Princess in Hebrew.
  • Like Wing and Krocken, Schala is one of the few guardians of the gem who remembers much of her past live, has the gem with her, and can use most of it's power. Her gem, the Gem of Life, is kept hidden under her robes as a necklace, similar to how Wing wears the Gem of Light as a necklace.


  • Debut story coming soon.

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