Sasuske Uchicha

Sasuke Uchiha Daisy's Boyfriend

 Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in the original Naruto Series and appears as an antagonist. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and is Daisy's Boyfriend. He first appeared in MCF on Black Isle written by Disneygal1234 and has made several MCF appearences since Daisy joined the Mystery Case Files.


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MCF AppearencesEdit

  • MCF on Black Isle (Debut)
  • MCF: Mystery of the Voice
  • MCF: The Replacements(cameo; non speaking appearence)
  • MCF: Return of Valdronya
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire
  • MCF: Mystery in the Smoke Mirror
  • MCF: Twisted Love
  • MCF: A Mystery Wedding
  • MCF: Magical Rescue


  • Sasuke Uchiha has the same voice actor as Teenage Ben Tennyson who is also Tracy's dad.
  • In the future, Sasuke and Daisy have four children, two girls named Miho and Jodie and two sons named Daisuke and Itachi, named after his older brother Itachi.
  • in MCF stories, Sasuke's adult voice actor is John Stamos, also know as Jesse Katsopolis in "Full House"

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