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A map of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a republic in Central America, where Arnold's parents, Miles and Stella, got lost. The main events of The Jungle Movie take place in in this country. It will be featured in the upcoming Junior LXMB story based upon the Jungle Movie as the main setting.


San Lorenzo is the country where Miles and Stella married and gave birth to their child, Arnold. Abner most likely was born in San Lorenzo too.

Many glimpses at San Lorenzo were given in the episode "The Journal", in which Arnold finds his father's journal and reads about his adventures in the country. In the end of the episode Arnold finds a map of the region of San Lorenzo where his parents went in their last journey.

The shown areas of San Lorenzo are covered by jungles, they have at least one acting volcano, at least one navigable river (roamed by the river pirate La Sombra), and remains of ancient Mayan-like architecture. Considering the combination of this factors San Lorenzo most likely corresponds to Guatemala and/or neighboring areas of Mexico and Honduras. The area is homeland to mysterious people who are known as the Green Eyes. Other ethnic groups include the Spanish-speaking people (one of them is Eduardo) and Amerindians who speak a gibberish language. A large body of water was shown, but it is not clear whether it is a sea or a large lake.

San Lorenzo is also the name of an insular nation described in Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle; it remains unknown whether the coincidence of the names is intentional.

MCF StoriesEdit

San Lorenzo is a main location in the upcoming Jungle Adventure case after Arnold wins the contest and he along with his friends, classmates, MCF and the LXMB head to San Lorenzo though Arnold's real reason is to find his parents.


  • JLXMB: The Jungle Adventure (Debut)

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