Salicia is a fictional villages in Italy. The MCF encounter it as they try to find someone to fix Mr. Rzykruski's brand new car which got ruined by cheese(Mortedella). It runs by mayor and its magic. Don't touch the blue powder because it contains the dark-magic.


We don't know about the orgin of the town, but long time ago a mayor, Lorenzo's father, had modifyed it after seeing it run-down. He made Lorenzo and his wife, Sara and their daughter Gulia the heirs after he died. However, Discord came over, and touched the blue powder(the dark powder) and made it a dream come true for the people but also took over as Mayor while he eraced the memories of Lorenzo, Sara and Gulia, turning them into a homeless family he dubbed "Vandals". However, the MCF exposes the villain for who he is and what he has done to both the town and the family. Lorenzo and his family, after being restored of their proper place as Mayor and heirs, fix up the town and are now currently ruling the town with peace and love.

People who VisitedEdit

  • Raina
  • Jessy
  • Starz
  • Daisy
  • Emmy
  • Tracy


  • Discord(formally)
  • Eris(formally)
  • Friction(formally)
  • Lorenzo Rigel
  • Sara Rigel
  • Gulia Rigel
  • Citizens of Salicia

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