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Sadness is a character who will appear in the upcoming Pixar film Inside Out. She is one of the five emotions inside the mind of Riley Anderson. she has blue skin, blue eyes, blue hair, a white turtleneck sweater, glasses, dark blue pants and sandals; She will be voiced by Phyllis Smith.

Bio Edit

Sadness first appears at Riley's birth. She appears less than a minute after Riley's first emotion, Joy, presses a button that makes baby Riley smile. Sadness makes Riley cry, but Joy pushes Sadness out of the way and makes Riley happy.

Due to Joy's obsession with keeping Riley happy, she unintentionally mistreats Sadness. As a matter of fact, the other emotions tend to exclude Sadness as well. They won't let Sadness take the wheel at all, no matter how sad the situation needs to be.

When Riley moves to San Francisco, everything starts to go from bad to worse; Riley's dad doesn't have time for her, the house is terrible, they only serve broccoli pizza and the moving van won't come for weeks. Sadness thinks this is a good time for her to handle Riley's problems, but Joy won't let her.

The next day at Riley's new school, Joy tells Sadness to stay out of everything and stay in a small white circle made of chalk, so Riley won't be sad. When Riley is called up to introduce herself, she talks about the good old days in Minnesotaand starts to cry because she misses it. It is revealed that Sadness was secretly taking the wheel and she made a newcore memory that is a sad one.

The other emotions begin to panic as the sad core memory rolls into the core memory chamber. Joy takes the core memory out and decides to throw it away. Sadness tries to stop Joy, but it causes them and the core memories to be sucked up into a tube and they end up in Long Term Memory. Joy decides to find a way to get back to Headquarters with Sadness as her guide.

During the journey, they run into Riley's old imaginary friend from toddlerhood, Bing Bong, who knows a way back to Headquarters. Joy decides to have him show them the way back. While on their way back, they go though Imagination Land, where they see that many of the childish aspects of Riley's personality are being removed, including Bing Bong's rocket that is sent down the Memory Dump. Bing Bong starts crying and Joy tries to get him to stop by being goofy, but it doesn't work at all. Instead of trying to cheer him up, Sadness decides to sympathize with him and let him express his emotions. In just a minute or so, Bing Bong feels better. Joy is shocked that Sadness could solve Bing Bong's problems without cheering him up.

The next day, the trio finds out that Riley is running away and that all the personality islands are disappearing one by one. Joy decides to leave Sadness behind and return to HQ, but her plan backfires when she falls into the Memory Dump and Bing Bong comes after her.

When Joy looks at all of the forgotten memories, she sees tons of sad ones and realizes that Riley's problems were solved because Sadness was the one in control during those times and Joy finally sees that she went way overboard with trying to keep Riley happy.

Joy makes it out of the chasm, but Bing Bong sacrifices himself and fades into oblivion. Joy tries to get Sadness to come back with her, but Sadness thinks Riley doesn't need her and just cries her eyes out and runs away from Joy. Soon enough, Joy is flung into the air and grabs Sadness and the two make it back to HQ, just as Riley is about to run away.

The others tell Joy to handle Riley's problem, but Joy hands the core memories to Sadness, who turns them all sad and places them in the core memory holder. Riley comes home and the sad memories help her tell her parents how she really feels about her new life in San Francisco and that she misses Minnesota.

Just then, a new core memory comes up―it's both yellow and blue. Joy and Sadness hold hands on the new core memory and finally become a team and the best of friends.

MCF Stories Edit

Sadness appears with Riley's other emotions in "RMCF: Meet the New Girl" where they help Riley adjust to her new life in Cartoon Town.

Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: Meet the New Girl(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • Sadness is the only female emotion in Inside Out that wears long sleeves.
  • Sadness is the only emotion that wears glasses.
  • Sadness is mostly seen with Joy than the other emotions.
  • According to Pete Docter, her appearance is based on that of a tear.
    • This can be seen in Abstract Thought, as during the fourth stage, Joy and Sadness were reduced to a shape and color - Sadness was a blue teardrop and Joy was a yellow star.
  • In an early draft for the film, Sadness wasn't originally going to get lost with Joy in Riley's mind, but instead, her role would have been given to Fear.
  • Phyllis Smith, Sadness' voice actor, was chosen for the role of Sadness after Jonas Rivera, Inside Out's producer, noticed her performance in the 2011 film Bad Teacher.
  • Sadness seems to be a fan a tragic vampire romance stories.
    • This was notified when she said she liked Tragic Vampire Romance Island.
    • She also smiled when she met Riley's imaginary boyfriend, who resembles Edward Cullen from the Twilightseries.
  • Sadness has a similar personality to Eeyore.

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