Rumia the Rumor Weed is the main antagonist of "LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed." She is a weed that is in the
LARW2 128

Rumia in her true form holding Alfred(Archibald Asparagus)

form of a gossiping woman with sunglasses and blonde hair. She reproduces and makes little weed clones of herself to spread the rumor. She is voiced by G. Bock


Rumia was 'born' when Larry Boy accidentally knocked a plant off the building and hit a wire where a woman was talking on the phone, gossiping. The plant falls down into the sewer and blooms. She first appears after Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot get confused when Alfred(LarryBoy's butler played by Archibald Asparagus) says that he has to go home and recharge his batteries. Not knowing that it was a figure of speech, they think he's a robot. Rumia hears this and asks what's going on and Junior tells her. SHe swears to keep it a secret, but soon starts blossoming more and more spreading the rumor until the town believes her. LarryBoy goes underground to the sewers to kill her true form: the Mother Weed, but his ray gun defects and she beats the snot out of him. She grows and grows until she pops out of the sewers, capturing Alfred in her vine and goes up to the top of a building. Dad Asparagus finds out and demands to know if she made up the story. Rumia responds that she didn't but heard it from Junior and Laura. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Junior, Laura and the townspeople of Bumblyburg use nice words to not hurt Alfred's feelings and turn Rumia into a pleora of flowers with her head turning into a giant flower. LarryBoy comes up and says the rumor, but everyone shushes him not wanting Rumia to come back.

In "MCF and the Rumor Weed", her role is the same except the rumor she spreads was from Jessy and Raina thinking that Tricia, Tracy's sister is still evil after she mentions seeing Plantara, unaware that she's going to break her friendship off.


  • The Rumor Weed was never given an actual name in the episode, but Subuku No Jess gave her the name Rumia when she wrote her fanmake of Matilda.
  • According to Subuku No Jess' fanmake, Rumia has a thing for Audrey II/Twoey and would 'stalk him' lovingly while Twoey fears her.
  • It is unknown if she'll return after the Rumor Weed case


  • MCF and the Rumor Weed(debut)