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J.T's Daughter

Ruby is the daughter of JT and one of Tracy and Tricia's rivals. She is known to bully them but mostly Tracy despite her being the daughter of Anastasia and the adopted daughter Ben Tennyson. As a child she is 'voiced' by Chantal Strand and as a teenager.


Nothing much is known about Ruby yet except she is expected to appear in a few stories about Tracy as a child growing up with the Tennysons. Like Tracy and Tricia she attended Madison Elementary School with her best friend Elaine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ruby has short blond hair light brown eyes and wears glasses her clothing consists of a brown short sleeved shirt, dark blue pants and brown boots. As a child she wears a pink shirt, light blue jeans and brown shoes.


  • Tracy 10 (Debut)
  • Tracy 10: Alien Force
  • Tracy 10: Ultimate Alien
  • Tracy 10: Omniverse


  • Like her father, she was once friends with Tracy and Tricia until she met Elaine Murray and now she bullies Tracy and Tricia with Elaine.
  • It is unknown who her mother is. This could be the fact that the authoress does not want to say who it is.

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