Rose in Season 1

Rose is the star-crossed love interest of Jake Long on American Dragon Jake Long. She is a beautiful teenage girl who is at Jake's school who has a secret herself: she is part of the Huntsclan army led by her uncle the Huntsman where she takes the alias as the Huntsgirl, but her love for Jake was strong that Jake wished she was never part of the Huntsclan. Then after temperorarily losing her memory, she turns on the Huntsman and becomes Jake's girlfriend. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a white shirt with a blue rim, pink pants with a flower on it and she has pink sandals and a headband. She also has a dragon birthmark on her. She is voiced by Mae Witman.

Bio Edit

In the series, Rose was a member of the Huntsclan. There is a birthmark on her right palm and wrist resembling a Chinese dragon, otherwise known as the "Mark of the Huntsclan". Initially, Rose revealed very little about her past or history. She was simply "the new girl" at Jake's school, and nothing was really found out about her early childhood until much later in their relationship.

According to her the Huntsclan was her only family for as long as she could remember – saying earliest memory was "lying in my Hunts-crib, crying out for my Hunts-nanny to change my Hunts-diaper"[5]. Her skills were exceptional enough to have been accepted as apprentice to theHuntsman himself while working in the field in New York. Taken under his wing as his ward, he personally indoctrinated her with his views about magical creatures as being disgusting and unnatural, and in the methods of hunting.     

During a class ski trip[6], Jake discovered Rose was also the Huntsgirl and was uncertain whether to love or fight the woman of his dreams, but eventually realized that he strongly cared about her and that his strong romantic feelings for her were indeed mutual and genuine. Which later prompted him to reveal to her his identity as the American Dragon while being hunted by the Huntsclan along with other captive magical beings.   

Rose had been told by the Huntsman that both of her biological parentsdied shortly after she was born before being taken in and raised by the Huntsclan. However during a shared dream experience where she and Jake spent time together while asleep, she discovered that her parents as well as a twin sibling did not die. Rather, the Huntsman, as well as Huntsclan members working undercover in the hospital, kidnapped Rose shortly after her birth, having noticed her dragon-shaped birthmark. The names and whereabouts of her family remained largely unknown until after her wish for the Huntsclan to be destroyed, where having never been taken by the Huntsclan, she and her family moved to Hong Kong, China[7]. However, her twin remained unseen.

After Rose's wish for all Huntsmen to be destroyed—herself included, Jake immediately wished she had never been a member of the Huntsclan. This ended their relationship until the Dark Dragon attacked the Dragon Council in Hong Kong and Rose regained her memory after being shown a picture of her and Jake at the dance. In a display of her innate natural prowess and abilities, she helped Jake fight and defeat the Dark Dragon[8].

Initially, her two sides were kept a secret, and as Rose was generally sweet and caring, but rather modest and somewhat shy. The demands of her double life frequently left her with short encounters with Jake, who would normally be left very nervous and utterly twitterpated and lovestruck in her presence.

As the Huntsgirl, her good-hearted and sweet personality was almost the complete opposite: a daring, dedicated, and somewhat vicious persona filled her duties as a Huntsclan apprentice. She shared the same beliefs of the Huntsclan – of the vile and unnatural nature of magical creatures, especially dragons – and was compelled to carry out actions with that mindset.

As her alter-ego was exposed to Jake during the ski trip, she disappeared only to later return after retraining with the Huntsclan. The lines between her dual existence became less distinct. Rose's more violent nature as the Huntsgirl often surfaced in her normal identity as she began to try and associate with Jake and his duties. It also caused her more "normal" life as Rose to surface in her duties as the Huntsgirl, which had her being perceived as acting oddly in the face of the Clan and her superior. After finding out Jake's secret, her 2 lives blended into one as she reviewed for herself what was right and decided to help Jake protect the magical world, eventually losing all of her memory of the Huntsclan due to Jake's wish that "Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan".

However, in the last episode, she regains her memory and helps Jake and his friends save the Magical World and defeat the Dark Dragon once and for all. She and Jake also become a official couple at the end.  

MCF Stories Edit

Rose makes a cameo appearence in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" in the episode The Medical Mystery where she was turned into a robot by Penelope thanks to her "medicine." Luckily, after the MCF managed to rescue Haley, they managed to rescue Rose and the others as well.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode: The Starian Secret-The Medical Mystery)

Trivia Edit

  • Her Cartoon Network Juniper Lee coutnerpart is Marcus, who June has a crush on. Unlike Rose, Marcus hardly has any other personality or persona outside of June's crush. Rose had character development throughout the series which led to the start of her and Jake becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Rose's voice actress Mae Whitman also voices Katara in Avatar: the Last Airbender, opposite Jake's voice actor, Dante Basco, as Prince Zuko.
  • Rose's last name is never revealed.
  • Jake's relationship with Rose was originally similar to Max Goof's relationship with Roxanne.
    • The boys like the girls, but are too shy to actually talk to them, only to find out that the girl already likes them.
  • Jake's relationship with Rose is also similar to Hercules' relationship with Megara.
    • The hero falls in love with the girl upon their first meeting, but then is devastated to learn that their love interest is working for the villain.
  • In Season 2, Jake and Rose started their first real kiss.
  • Whilst in human form Jake is shorter than rose, this remains the same across both seasons.
  • In Season 2, it was revealed Rose's last name was Killdragonosn. Her last name in this episode originally came from one of the early incarnations of American Dragon: Jake Long according to Eddie Guzelian and Matt Negrete. However, this is not her real last name, just the one given to her by the Huntsclan.
  • It would seem that every time Jake says, "Hey!" to Rose, she would always reply by saying, "Hey yourself."
  • Rose was considerably thinner in Season 2, though her face looked more matured than in Season 1.
  • Rose's outfit seem to have changed from Season 1 to 2.
    • In Season 1, she wore a pink headband and wore clog-like sandals while in Season 2 her headband was gone, she wears a flower necklace and her sandals became flat.
  • Rose had a pink headband in Season 1, but didn't in Season 2. The same can be said for the blue borders on her shirt.
  • In Season 2, it showed Rose had a twin of unknown gender, but this sibling was not seen].
  • It seems that after she and the Huntsman left their tower, she now lives in a broken down subway.
  • Rose was originally going to be a Lois Lane-type school reporter, but the producers decided to give hers and Jake's relationship as much conflict as possible
  • In the MCF series, it is later revealed that she goes to the same school with the MCF.

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