Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1988 live-action/animation film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the protagonist in the short films and comics spun off from it. Voiced by Charles Fleischer, he is the titular anthropomorphic rabbit of the film, a frantic over-anxious type who often stutters (even while he's screaming).


Roger is first seen screwing up his role in his cartoon "Something's Cooking." he tries to get teh director to let him try again. He then hears from detective Eddie Valient that his wife, Jessica is playing Patty-Cake(literally) with Marvin Acme(unaware that it was blackmail) and is depressed. He then gets framed for murdering Acme. He goes to Valient for help in clearing his name with the toon-hating detective reluctantly agreeing. Roger entertains the bar before he is exposed by the evil Judge Doom who plans to put him in his creation "The Dip." Roger drinks an alcohol to make noise to let Doom let him go. This results in a chase with Valient and Roger riding Benny the Cab against Doom and his Toon Patrol. Roger and Valient hide in a movie theatre where Valient reveals why he doesnt like toons: a toon killed his brother Teddy. Once Valient realized that the Toon Town industry was taken by R.K Maroon, Roger and Valient go back to the studio and Roger is knocked out cold by Jessica and put in a trunk. Jessica drives off with Roger, but once Valient and Jessica confront each other, they learn of what was really going on and Roger had escaped the trunk. Roger then learns from Benny that Doom kidnapped Valient and Jessica so Roger sets to rescue them. However he is captured too and tied with Jessica where they profess their renewed love for one another. Once Doom was defeated by Valient, Roger's name is cleared and he goes into the sunset with his wife, Valient and Valient's own girlfriend, Dolores. 

Roger is set to debut in MCF and the Magic Lamp where he is Starz's 'genie'. 

MCF Appearances

  • MCF and the Magic Lamp (Debut)


  • Roger first appeared in the book, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf, which was adapted into the 1988 Academy Award-winning film. Mixing both live action and animation to create a believable "tooniverse," Disney studios set up an animation studio in Camden Town, London, whilst the live action was shot at Elstree film studios. Both the animation and live-action were then composited by ILM fx studios in Los Angeles. In the book, Roger is a sidekick in a popular comic strip called "Baby Herman." His murder is being investigated by a detective named "Eddie Valiant" and a slowly evaporating stunt doppelganger of himself that he created hours before being shot.
  • In the book, Roger was depicted as a comic strip character. In the film, his career was changed, making him a Hollywood cartoon star instead.
  • In the film, Roger briefly mentions at one point that Thumper is his uncle.
  • Roger was listed #35 in Empire Magazine's 50 Best Animated Characters. Stating his stroke of genius as his heartbroken reaction to the news that Jessica is cheating on him.
  • Charles Fleischer performed Roger's lines on set, off camera, while wearing a full costume including rabbit ears, overalls, and gloves.
  • Roger is occasionally voiced by Jess Harnell, who is famous for voicing Wakko Warner (from Animaniacs), Crash Bandicoot (from the video game series of the same name) and the current voice of Br'er Rabbit.
  • An early version of Roger appears briefly as a spectator in Sport Goofy in Soccermania.
  • Roger made cameo appearances in the Tiny Toon Adventures episodes "New Character Day" and "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian" (voiced by Steven Spielberg). Babs Bunny also did an impression of him in the episode "Pledge Week".

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