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Rock Zilla is the main character of the short-lived Nick show "My Dad the Rock Star". Just like the title says, he is a rock star and Willy and Serenity's father as well as Crystal's husband. Rock is muscular, has white face paint, messy green hair, a purple tanktop, black pants and boots and he has a snake tongue based on a band member from KISS, Gene Simmons. He is voiced by Lawrence Bayne.


Rock is the famous rock star in his time until he decides to retire and move his family to Silent Springs. He is fun and crazy like a teenager, but he proves to be a great father to Willy, despite him embarressing Willy at times. He hangs out with his best friend and the manager Skunk on ocassions as well.

In "MCF and teh Beanstalk", he and his family are a few of Monty the Giant's victims for dinner, but the MCF rescue them.


  • He is simular to Goofy since they both embarress their kids, but they love and care about the kid no matter what.
  • His father was a cello player.
  • Rock was based on Gene Simmons, who is an actual member of the band KISS and is the creator of the show.


  • MCF and the Beanstalk(debut)

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