Rei is the male protagonist of the manga series Kilala Princess. He is the throne prince of the mystical land Paradiso.


After his kingdom was rebelled by a collection of dangerous robots, he was brainwashed by Valdou and loses his memories as a prince, and was sent to other countries to search for the princess of the Magic Tiara. He first met Kilala when she tried to kiss him because she first found him asleep, and to her embarrassment, Rei remembers that event quite clearly. Kilala later finds out he's a prince and over their adventure and time together the two fall in love with each other. Later on in the story, Rei had go back to Paradiso and given Kilala the tiara of the seventh princess. He finds out later that his memories were erased by Valdou and the Coup, who are trying to take over his country. He and Kilala worked together to save his kingdom and defended Valdou. At the end of the series he and Kilala were married and the people worked together to restore the kingdom to how it was before Valdou took over.

He is set to appear in the MCF and Dream Pals cross over in 'MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting'. His role in th story will not be reveled until the story itself is written.


Rei is a strong, kind, selfless and righteous young prince. However he is stubborn and headstrong and can be a bit grumpy when he is hungry. But he is still loyal to his people and Kilala and is willing to protect those he cares about no matter what happens to him.


Rei is teenage boy with short golden hair, blue eyes and wears a long white jacket with short sleeves, a black vest, black jeans, a brown belt and black shoes.


  • Rei is the only male prince to have a fiancee in his series who he didn't marry and who wasn't evil. Eric's 'fiancee' was really Ursule in digust as Phillp had fallen in love with Aurora who was really his fiancee the whole time.
  • Rei is the first love interest who is a prince of a Dream Pals member. The second is Dexter Charming who is a bit of a love interest to Raven Queen.
  • Like Eric, Ursule tried to marry Rei in the series so she could gain control over the tiara.
  • Kilala tried to wake Rei with a kiss, similar to how Snow White and Aurora were awaken by kisses by their princes.


  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting (Debut)

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