Red Fraggle

Red Fraggle is a fraggle and one of the main characters of "Fraggle Rock". She is the only female of the main cast and has red shirt and red orange hair in pigtails. She is played by Karen Prell.


Red is athletic and energetic. She likes to think of herself as the fastest and strongest Fraggle in the Rock. She is highly competitive with her friends, which sometimes causes extreme interpersonal problems, especially with Gobo Fraggle (though, as revealed in a recent SFX interview, despite their constant competition, she secretly admires him). Red also has her share of insecurities; she especially hates to admit her mistakes.

Red loves sports, especially diving and swimming. Her job is to clean the pool in the middle of Fraggle Rock. She also teaches swimming classes, and considers herself an expert at rock hockey.

Red shares a room with her best friend Mokey Fraggle yet doesn't get along very well with Mokey's plant Lanford. Red later strikes up a friendship with Cotterpin Doozer. She is particularly loath to listen to Uncle Traveling Matt's postcards.

In The Secret Society of the Poobahs, it is revealed that Red is a member of the Poobahs as the Mind-Reader. Mokey didn't know about this until the end of the episode.

Red is the first Fraggle that Kermit and Robin meet when they visit Fraggle Rock in A Muppet Family Christmas. She later reappears with the other Fraggles during the Muppets performance of "The Holly and the Ivy."

MCF Stories Edit

In "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" she is seen minorly. Her first appearence was in "Mystery of the Mirror of Dreams" where she is looking for Gobo after he was captured. Then she is happily reunited with him when her friend is returned thanks to the MCF. She later appears in a minor appearence with Gobo and his friends as they witness the Heartbreaker birds in "The Gigantic Love Case" and hide from teh birds before the MCF rescue the lovers along with Othello.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: Mystery of the Mirror of Dreams; The Gigantic Love Case)

Trivia Edit

  • If she returns, that means the MCF would meet her along with her and Gobo's buddies.