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Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen, is the main character of "Ever After High", along with Apple White. She is a rebel because she doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps even though she is destined to be the villain. She has raven/purple hair, pale skin, black lipstick, purple eyes, a purple/black dress with black leggings an boots She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.



Raven's Legacy Day Dress

Raven goes to Ever After High with her best friends Madeline Hatter. She talks about writing her own story though Madeline calls her crazy, though supports her decision. She is supposed to be roomates with Cerise Hood, but is roomates with Apple White. When it came time to say what will they do, Raven refuses to take the pledge and runs off after being told by Headmaster Grimwood that if she doesn't, her story wouldn't exist.


  • She'll form a bond with Tricia and Tracy because of their rebellious ways.
  • She is the first of the rebels to take action against her destiny.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; The Starian Secret: The Musical Mystery; The Search for Starz)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)

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