Rasputin is the main villain of the Don Bluth film Anastasia and is based loosely on the real-life psychic Rasputin:
Rasputin 2

Rasputin as he appears during the film Anastasia.

however in the film he is depicted as a far more malevolent being of black magic than the real-life Rasputin, though the two share the common title of "Mad Monk". Rasputin was banished for treason by the czar, Nicholas Romanov. Enraged, Rasputin left for Paris, where inside an ancient looking Satanism temple he makes his new home. He is voiced by Christopher Lloyd while his singing is done by Jim Cummings.


Eager for revenge, Rasputin plans on destroying the Russian royalty. He soled his sole to darkness (or the Devil, even) in exchange for his amulet and for the power to destroy the czar and his family, in the process becoming a lich (a type of undead creature with magical powers). He then returns to the Russian palace and inflicts on the czar's family the Ramanov curse. All of the royals are killed by Rasputin and the Russian soldiers, except for the czar's mother, Mary, and his daughter, Anastasia. Rasputin eventually attempts to murder Anastasia, but drowns in the ice, losing his amulet in the process and he becomes trapped in limbo, seemingly dead.

10 years later, Rasputin revives from limbo and his amulet is back in his hands. Driven more by his desire for revenge, he wishes to finish off what he started before he rests in peace by killing Anastasia. Putting his demonic minions to work on finding and destroying her but failing, he is accompanied throughout the film by his reluctant minion Bartok - who is an albino bat who constantly tries to sway Rasputin away from his obsession but is largely ignored until Bartok eventually gives up.

After two assassination attempts, Rasputin grows tired of his magic constantly failing so he and Bartok return from limbo back to Paris to confront and kill Anastasia there in person. Bartok betrays Rasputin and becomes an entertainer in the cities of Moscow. Meanwhile, Rasputin confronts Anastasia on Pont Alexandre III and in the resulting final battle he loses his amulet and Anastasia shatters it underfoot, which in turn destroys the magic keeping Rasputin alive. As Rasputin dies, his body is reduced to dust while his soul is dragged back to Hell by demons.

Return of RasputinEdit

In Return of Rasputin, making his debut MCF appearence. He is revealed to have not died like Marie, Vlad, Sophie Anya and Dimitri thought. He came back seeking revenge on the Romanovs explaining that his curse was meant to kill all the Romanovs. Thus making Tracy and Tricia a target. Later in the story he eventually got the two twin Romanovs alone and succeeded in kiling Tricia right in front of Tracy's eyes. When Tracy and her friends got the map to find the Gem of Hope they manage to make it to Tricia and tried to revive her but couldn't. While they were walking back to the palace they were found by Rasputin and they along with an alive Tricia managed to defeat Rasputin with the Gem of Hope sending Rasputin back down to Hell and breaking his curse in the process.

MCF AppearencesEdit

  • Return of Rasputin (Debut)


  • In Return of Rasputin he stated that the curse he made was to kill all the Romanovs it is possible that in the future right after Susan and Ben Finnigan (Tracy's daughter and son.) He will most likely come back and seek revenge on them.
  • In Tracy and Tricia's Princess Adventure, revealed by Queen Selene that she had dated Rasputin and that
  • In MCF and the Forgotten Sister it is revealed that he had a son named Grigori with Selene. More will be revealed once the story is completed.