Raina Sanchez Clouseau
Raina in her usual outfit
Vital statistics
Position MCF member, Sanchez daughter
Age 14(Season 1)

15(Season 2) 16(Season 3) 17(Season 4) 18(Season 5) 19(Season 6) 20(Season 7)

Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Raina is the member of the magical Mystery Case Files detective team. We don't know her birth parents, but she is the adoptive daughter of Inspector Jacques Clouseau and Nicole Durante Clouseau and the adoptive older sister of Garu. Raina has light tan skin, long dark brown hair, and usually wears a white tanktop under a pink cardigan, blue jeans with the word "BONGO" on them, white sneakers with the letter "N" on them and a black belt. She is 'voiced' by Alexa Vega as a teenager, Genesis Ochoa as a child and Zoe Saldana as an adult. .


When she was born to unknown parents(either Manolo and Maria or Tulio and Chel), the attack of Jafar had to make them send their little baby girl Raina away where she was found by Inspector Jacques Clouseau while he was trying to solve a case. As she grew older, she became one of the known prodigies in Cartoon Town, however, all she really wanted was friends to like her for who she is. She is also Jessy's first friend. Once a villain tried to capture her, she uses her skills to escape, though they nearly didn't help her all that much. She was 11 when she found out about her adoption and thus had to be sent to study abroad until the year she turned 14. Years went on and she went under great tutalage of Master Shifu and Yen Sid(who become her main teachers through the MCF) and went to America's version of Hogwarts where she mastered at certain magic and falls in love with fellow student Edward D'Amico. She returns home a young woman and by the time she returned, her family adopted her brother Garu and Raina has made friends including her MCF team.

Other forms

Pony Form: a pink unicorn with a dark brown mane and a heart cutie-mark.

Pajamas: A jungle green nightgown with no sleeves.

Bathing suit: a blue bikini with black tiger stripes on them..

Personality and Characteristics

1. Princess Jasmine(Aladdin)-.Jasmine is spunky and a fast learner and she's not a prize to be won by many men who want to marry her. Like Jasmine, Raina finds love in a boy who loves her for her.

2. Princess Belle(Beauty and the Beast) and Twilight Sparkle(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)(tie)- Raina is as book smart as the both of them as well as beautiful. Like Belle, Raina doesn't judge a book by its cover while like Twilight, she uses her intelligence and magic to discover the powers within herself.

3. Daphne Blake(Scooby Doo)-Raina's character varies between damel-in-distress and action girl, just like Daphne.

4. Mulan(Mulan)-She's brave, witty, and not afraid to take action when others threaten her friends and her hometown..

5. Matilda(Matilda)-As a kid, Raina is like Matilda for beign book-smart as well.

6. Thumbelina(Thumbelina)-She loves being tiny and like Thumbelina is determined to get to her love and be with him even if it means getting on a journey.

7. Mavis(Hotel Transylvania)-She's got spunk and she has the same actress as Raina.

8. Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)-Besides being smart, she is determined to follow her dream.

9. Raven and Starfire(Teen Titans)-Raina has Raven's snarkiness and wits, but sometimes has Starfire's happy-go-lucky persona.

10. E. Aster Bunnymund(Rise of the Guardians; though he's new)-Like Bunnymund, Raina can be headstrong and always keep her heads on her shoulders and feet on the ground, though she's kind of acts likes a leader with her friends, though Emmy's the leader, like how Bunnymund is like the leader, though North's the leader.

11. Nala(The Lion King; movie and Broadway)-Nala is headstrong and feisty, but in the musical, we see more of her character like why she's a strong character and why she left to find help when the Pride Lands were deserted. Like Nala, Raina is strong and willing to protect her friends and family from anything and even if she goes on a journey, she vows to return.

12. Katara(Avatar: The Last Airbender)-Raina and Katara have a similar personality and wits and she's not afraid to do anything.


Magic-She has been taught magic all her life by Yen Sid. In a future story, it will be revealed that she was taught by Yen Sid how to use it properly because of her adoptive background.

Kung Fu-Like Magic, Raina has been taught Kung Fu by Master Shifu her life too, but this will be revealed in a future story.

Singing-Raina has a beautiful voice and is very good singer. However, that talent can also be a curse cause sometimes some boys will go after her for it. It doesn't matter, for Raina loves to sing. Sometimes it can summon animals simluar to Giselle.

Technology-She takes this trait from Kowalksi in how she is very technological, but that side is seen rarely.

Dueling/Catching Pokemon-It will be revealed that Raina doesn't know how to duel all that well, though she is good with Pokemon and how to deal with them by training them which is how she got Mew and Charmander as pets.

Alien/Ghost Genie Form

In some fanfiction, like Jessy with OogieJess and Tracy with TracyHyde, Raina has a monster form, but unlike them, her's is a cross between an alien, a ghost and a genie. This form is called Genie Raina. As Genie Raina, like Genie from Aladdin, she can only grant three wishes and follow the same genie rules. This form appears rarely.
Raina as an Alien Ghost Genie

Raina as an alien ghost genie.


  • Raina's is 'voiced' by Alexa Vega who is known for portraying Carmen in Spy Kids.
  • Raina has been known for having three things that are worth powerful: kung fu, magic and her singing voice.
  • Raina is the only two out of the Mystery Case Files to speak a foreign language and be of ethnicity. The other being Daisy.
  • Raina has a fear of guillotines and in the MCF version of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" episode "The Crystal Empire" , disappointing her teachers, Yen Sid and Shifu.
  • Out of all the Mystery Case Files, Raina is the one the guys go after most of the time, leading her to be the damsel in distress out of the group and having male villains usually try to go out with her/make her his bride(e.g: MCF:The Return of Valdronya").  However, despite being a damsel in distress, she still can kick butt. Call her dollface and she whoops your butt.
  • When it comes to her teammates, Raina is sometimes like the team mom of the group.
  • In some stories, Raina is revealed to have a sweet tooth, meaning she has a thing for desserts.
  • Raina is a lover of children and animals, shown to take care of them in certain occasions.
  • As a reference to "Enchanted", Raina does a call that calls animals over to her.
  • Raina is also highly intelligent as shown in "MCF: The Crystal Empire" where she solved the hard equation in "SNJ's MCF: A Musical Nightmare".
  • In "MCF: Mystery of the Voice", Raina has auditioned for the role of Fantine in "Les Miserables" and succeeded. One of Raina's major dreams is to become a Broadway star.
  • A running gag is that somtimes, Raina would have to be the distraction, meaning to distract this person while the other MCF would figure some things out.
  • In the future, including some fics, Raina and Edward have two future daughters named Elizabeth Sunset D'Amico and Lila Carrie D'Amico
  • In "MCF and the Parent Case" we learn that Raina's middle name is Aurora.
  • She and the MCF are like big sisters to Wander since he's a new member of the assistants team in Season 3. Raina, since she was the one who offered him and Sylvia a home on Earth takes the most responsibility for them.

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