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RMCF: Dragon-Marie is an upcoming RMCF story starring the Rookie Mystery Case Files and it's inspired by the MLP episode "Dragonshy" with a slight twist. In this, Anne-Marie must face her fear when she and her friends investigate on a dragon who is causing a problem to Cartoon Town. Coming Soon

Characters Who AppearEdit

  • Anne-Marie(Main Protagonist)
  • Lilo
  • Mavis
  • Coraline
  • Guu
  • Agent Xero
  • Audrey
  • Trixie Tang
  • Stitch
  • Mole
  • The Cat
  • Charlie and Itchy
  • Iago
  • Spike
  • Mushu
  • Cri-Kee
  • Elliot(Debut)
  • The Reluctant Dragon(Debut)
  • Dojo(Debut)
  • Toothless(Debut)
  • Hiccup(Return)
  • Devon and Cornwall(Debut)
  • Skyla(cameo)
  • Tricia(mentioned)


  • The Dragon from Dragonshy(Debut; main antagonist)


Inspired by Dragonshy with a slight twist. On her first day as a Rookie, Anne-Marie gets an assignment to investigate on a different type of dragon. Her chance comes when a dragon harms Cartoon Town citizens with its smoke and the Rookies must go up and stop it. 

Dragons the Girls InterviewEdit

  • Lilo-Toothless
  • Audrey-Mushu
  • Mavis-Spike
  • Coraline-Dojo
  • Guu-Elliot
  • Xero-Devon and Cornwall
  • Trixie-The Reluctant Dragon
  • Anne-Marie-The Dragon


  • Other than the RMCF theme, there are no songs in this. 
  • According to the authoress, she states that some of the dragons may return in each future story, but one of the ones she's planning is the Reluctant Dragon. 
  • How the girls meet their respective dragons are a little similar to different movies. For example how Trixie meets the Reluctant Dragon is a combination of his original short and the Narnia movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  

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