Queen Miranda is the mother of Sofia the First, stepmother of James and Amber and wife of King Roland in "Sofia the First" She is a kind, wise woman who used to be a shoemaker until she fell in love with King Roland and married him, thus becoming queen. She serves as the inspiration for Sofia to go to if she's in trouble other than the Disney Princesses. She has brown hair, a crown and she wears a pink gown; she is voiced by Sara Ramierez.


Born into humble beginnings, Miranda was originally a shoemaker. One day, she was called to fit King Roland for a new pair of slippers and when they met, it was love at first sight.

Roland proposed and they were married, making Miranda the new Queen of Enchancia and Sofia its second Princess. They moved from their shoe shop to the castle, where they were given a grand welcome. Miranda greeted her new stepchildren, the Royal Twins Princess Amber and Prince James, giving them embroidered patches of the Royal Family Crest she had sewn and expressing the hopes of being a good and loving stepmother rather than the stereotypical wicked type. She was also one of the many victims of Cedric's sleeping spell that taught Sofia not to mess with magic.

Miranda often encourages Sofia whenever she feels she won't measure up to being a princess. She assures Sofia that no matter what, she is proud of her and encourages her to always try and do her best. She also encourages Sofia to use the independent spirit that she inherited from her, especially when Sofia is being pressured by Amber. She is also very loving towards her stepchildren, teaching them valuable life lessons such as telling the truth about a situation and after Roland announced that he wanted to be king again, she was proud of him.

Miranda is always trying to bring the family together with family-planned events. Examples include going out in the snow to find her husband for Wassailia, getting a gift for each of her stepchildren and, most recently, planned a family picnic with all her kids.

MCF Stories

Miranda appears various times in the MCF series as she's Sofia's mom. In a future story, she is known to have be friends with Anya and the other biological mothers of the MCF which explains Annie and Sofia's friendship.


  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen (Debut)
  • KC: Annie's Princess Problem (Return)
  • MCF and the Cooper Caper (Coming soon)
  • MCF: Flight to the Finish (Upcoming)
  • The Mystery Case Files Chronicles (Upcoming)


  • She is actually one of two Disney queens that bear the name 'Miranda', the other is the biological mother of Camryn and Alex, the twin witch protagonists of the Disney Channel Original movie Twitches.
  • She is the first stepmother who is kind, the other is Giselle in Enchanted.

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