Queen Manuella

Esperanza's mom and the Queen of The Kingdom de la Valientes.

Queen Manuella is the ruler of the Kigndomm de Valientes. She is Alonzo's wife and Esperanza's mother as well as Salvador's mother-in-law. She is an OC by Detective88. She debuts in "MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding." She is voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer.


Manuella first appears as she watches her daughter play with Buzzy. Manuella showed some concern when Esperanza has to release Buzzy because Alonzo told her about the danger about to arrive and that  9 years later, Manuella and Alonzo greeted the MCF and Buzzy who came for Esperanza and Salvador's wedding. Alonzo and Manuella had betrothed Salvador and Esperanza and quickly accepted him as a future son-in-law. However, Esperanza told them that 'Salvador' was behaving differently. She then told Esperanza to look through true colors, other than that, she and Alonzo rub it off as marraige worries. She doesn't know that 'Salvador' is really Orochimaru in disguise until teh MCF, Buzzy and the real Salvador escape the dungeon, revealing to everyone that the Salvador esperanza was going to marry was Orochimaru in disguise. Manuella and Alonzo try to stop it, but Orochimaru's snakes caught them. After Salvador and Esperanza's love defeats Orochimaru, Alonzo and Manuella apologize to teh girls for doubting them and Buzzy. As a reward, they were given the job as bridesmaids and ring bearer at Salvador and Esperanza's wedding. After the wedding, Alonzo and Manuella thank the MCF and Buzzy for returning the real Salvador to them. Manuella gives the girls and Buzzy this lesson, "Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn."


  • Like her family, Manuella shows that she has a sense of humor. She laughs at a joke Buzzy told while he was still at the castle. ]
  • Manuella is voiced by Michelle Pfeffier who also voices Eris from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas"