PNK girls

Python Nuu Kappa from left to right: Carrie Williams, Heather Olson, Taylor Holbrook, Crystal Dubois, Naomi Jackson and Britney Davis.

Python Nuu Kappa or PNK group are a group of cheerleader monsters with three eyes, pink/red/purple hair. They are one of the fraternities competing in the Scare Games.


Python Nuu Kappa first appears during the calling of the Scare Games. Before the first challenge, Carrie tells Terry after he says good luck, "We're gonna rip you to pieces" before flashing their eyes at him.  They later invite Oozma Kappa to the party ROR is holding so it can be lead as a trap to prank them. They are last seen doing the Scare the Teen Maze event, but they scare the teen thus getting themselves trapped and eliminated from the games. They arent' seen again after the movie.

Carrie Williams-the leader of the group. She has red hair and light pink skin. Her role is the leader adn she's the one who tells Oozma Kappa about the party Roar Omega Roar are having that will be the cause for humiliating them.

Heather Olson-the second in command. She has light blue skin and purple hair.

Taylor Holbrook-she has purple skin and fuchia hair. 

Crystal Dubois-She has purple skin and red hair

Naomi Jackson-has purple hair and light pink skin.

Britney Davis-the last one and the most ditzy of the group. She has turqouise skin with pink hair. She also tells Oozma Kappa that the ROR's party is going to rock. In "MCF: Wander's World Tour", her role is very major when she falls in love with Wander, who is visiting on a world tour and posing as Sulley's cousin Kristoff Sullivan. She fights with Rhonda Boyd for his affections much to Wander's disgust. 


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)
  • MCF: Wander's World Tour

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