Princess Shantal

Princess Shantal is Esperanza's cousin and an OC of Detective88 who debuts in "MCF: the Princess Test." when we first introduce her she was a spoiled brat, but later on, we learn of her story which makes her sorry for her after she is forced to be friends with Mordecai, Rigby and Bartok. She has black hair with a blue top and sash, a orange skirt and shoes and during her coronation wears a gold crown with blue diamonds. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye.


Shantal appears and shouts that her crown is stolen. She warns Esperanza and the MCF that her crown is in the Kingdom of the Spring. She knows about the Princess Test and allows the MCF to go, but Sylvia tells Mordecai, Rigby and Bartok to stay here and watch over her to calm her down and possibly befriend her. She says that the journey is on foot. While the MCF, Wander and Sylvia spend their time in the Kingdom of the Spring, befriending their ruler Prince Dylan and finding the crown, Mordecai, Rigby and Bartok give into Shantal's demand since she is going to be coronated the next week. Finally, Mordecai tells her off, releasing Shantal's soft side and regretting her rude behavior. She apologizes and becomes their friend. When the MCF, Wander and Sylvia return with the crown, Shantal greets them a changed girl and is crowned Grand Princess of her kingdom, the Ruby Empire. 


  • She was possibly influenced by King Mamood from "Aladdin the Series", Jeremy Creek from "The Town Santa Forgot" and Yuki, Teresa and Elena from "Lilo and Stitch".
  • Shantal's parents are mentioned, but they aren't seen.


  • MCF: The Princess Test(Debut)

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