Princess harmony by trachie17-d6g2q00

Princess Harmony is the medieval counterpart of Raina in "The Princess and the Authoress". She looks exactly like Raina except she has a birthmark on her shoulder close to her chest, and she wears a gold ring with the family royal symbol on it, she has her dark brown hair high with a red headband and a white corset under a pink dress with pink sleeves. Harmony, like her name is a beautiful singer and is kind, sweet and friendly despite being pampered by her father, the King. She is friends with her ladies in waiting Ann, Xaveria, Olivia, Talula and Jewel and is like a daughter figure to the castle maid Martha. Like Raina, she is voiced by Selena Gomez.


Harmony was born to the King of a kingdom years after Grace's rule. She is pampered and kind. In teh story, she decides to trade places with Raina to explore the village. When she realizes that her vizer Merlock and his bumbling sidekick Dijon have terroized the people of her father's kingdom, she must get Raina, Mordecai and Rigby home and fufill her duty as queen.


  • As a villager says to Raina, Mordecai and Rigby, Harmony's reign begins after her father dies and that it's in 1365. This means that Harmony
  • Like Mavis, Harmony shares the same voice actress as Raina.
  • Harmony takes the role of Prince Mickey from the Disney version of Prince and the Pauper, but mostly Princess Annelisse from the Barbie version.
  • Harmony is another term for "Song".
  • Harmony doesn't know anything about the future, but admires what it's like in Raina's time.


  • MCF: The Princess and the Authoress(debut/only appearence)

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