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Princess Esperanza in normal attire


Princess Esperanza or "Espie" is the daughter of King Alonzo and Queen Manuella and princess of the Kingdom de las Valiente. She is also Prince Salvador's girlfriend/wife. She is an OC by Detective88. Her first appearence is in "MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding". She a 19 year old girl with light tan skin, short/long raven hair, green eyes, and wears a dress with a yellow top, green shoulder straps and skirt. She is voiced by Hyden Walch.


Princess Esperanza was born to King Alonzo and Queen Manuella. When she was yong, she was betrothed to Prince Salvador de las Tortes, but she didn't realize it and they were best friends. When she was 8 she saved Buzzy the Crow's life from a cat and nursed his wing back to health until Alonzo told her she has to let him go. It's not that he didn't like Buzzy, it's just that it was the time Esperanza had to practice her magic because a dangerous threat will be in the kingdom soon. Esperanza tearfully said goodbye and Buzzy told no matter what that he'll always be her BBFF(Best Bird Friend Forever). 9 years later, Salvador proposes to her and she accepts. While she goes to tell her parents, she didn't realize that her fiancee has been knocked out by a villain and sent to the dungeon by Orochimaru, who disguised himself as Salvador to marry the bride and take over the kingdom. In the mist, she reunites with Buzzy and becomes immediate best friends with his new friend the MCF. However the girls and Buzzy noticed that 'Salvador' wasn't the guy that Esperanza fell in love with over the years, the guy that Daisy knew since childhood and the guy Buzzy knew during his flight south there. They told Esperanza this and she was concerned, though her parents said that he is nervous and was having marriage fright like she is. Esperanza was really unaware that Orochimaru was sucking most of her magic out of her unoticed with his snakes and jitsu. That night, Tracy and Buzzy heard her and Orochimaru talk until Orochimaru hypnotizes her, leaving him enough time to lock Buzzy and the MCF away in the dungeon so they won't get further suspicions. Just before Esperanza could marry the fake Salvador, the real Salvador, the MCF and Buzzy had escaped the dungeon and revealed Orochimaru's true intentions, making the
Princess Esperanza wedding

Esperanza in wedding dress

latter reveal himself to everyone in the congregation. While Buzzy and thee MCF got rid of most of the snakes and saved her father and mother whom Orochimaru had trapped, Salvador went to his bride and kissed her removing her from the spell. Seeing what Orochimaru was doing, Esperanza was about to stop Orochimaru as revenge for forcing her to marry him and hurting her friends and parents, but realized too quick that Orochimaru has taken her magic away. Salvador took Esperanza's hand and used his magic to put into her to make her strong. Together, they used a magic spell to blast Orochimaru to death and kill most of the snakes. Later on, the two lovers were married with her friend Buzzy as the ring bearer and the MCF as her bridemaids. When Esperanza and Salvador went to the carriage for their honeymoon, she thanked the MCF for making her wedding possible and told Buzzy that he'll always be her BBFF. After she got into the carriage, she tosses the bouquet which is caught by Rigby.

She returns in "The Crystal Empire" where she appears and fights off the Cy-Bugs to the Crystal Empire's tyrant, who is later revealed to be The Horned King. For the remainer of the story, she wore magic proof cuffs and she had to take care of her husband who is ill for he was using his magic to protect the empire until their friends found the Crystal Heart and brought it to the people defeating the Horned King. As she and Salvador took the girls, their boyfriends, KT, the RMCF and Buzzy to the train, she jokes around saying that they got to stop saving her butt often.

She returns in several MCF stories, but most notably in MCF: A Cinderella Story wehre she is Daisy's "fairy godsister" and helps her prepare for the Ball.


Trivia Edit

  • Like Salvador, she has a sweet tooth as Starz mentioned that she loves red velvet cake.
  • Espie is 'voiced' by Hyden Walch who also voices Starfire from "Teen Titans" and Princess Bubblegum from "Adventure Time"
  • Her relationship with Salvador is simular to Cadence and Shining Armor of MLP, except she takes on Shining Armor's role while he takes Cadence's role.

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