Princess Emeraude is a character on "Magic Knight Raeyerath. She is the former ruler of the land of Cehpiro and Zagato, the evil sorcerer's ex-girlfriend and in the MCF series, she is Othello's girlfriend. She is very kind and protective and very peaceful on the people and the land, however, can be stern when somethign goes wrong. She has eternally long blonde hair, a tiara, a white gown and soulful blue eyes; she is voiced by Wendee Lee.


The ruler and former Pillar of Cephiro, Princess Emeraude had the appearance of an ethereal, beautiful young girl, with a wealth of extremely long golden hair, flawless porcelain skin, and large, soulful blue eyes. However, given that the people of Cephiro had the power to "will" what they look like, she might actually be centuries old. Guru Clef states that he has watched over Emeraude all her life, so she cannot be over 745 years old. Her usual attire seemed to be an elegant, cream-coloured gown, and on her forehead she wore a dainty, delicate green-jeweled tiara, which signifies her rights and royal duty.

As the Pillar, it was her duty to spend every waking moment of her existence praying wholeheartedly for the well-being of Cephiro and all its people. However, Princess Emeraude fell hopelessly, and tragically (given that it was doomed right from the start to never have a happy ending) in love with the high priest, Zagato, who was, very ironically, supposed to aid her in her prayers for peace and prosperity. Her love for him eventually caused her to constantly think of him and him only, directly conflicting with her responsibilities as the Pillar, since she could not think of only Cephiro anymore.

Knowing that her own death is the only way she can stop being the Pillar and leave Cephiro free to choose someone more suited, Princess Emeraude decided to summon the legendary Magic Knights, the only ones capable of killing her. Zagato, who had in turn fallen madly in love with her, discovered how she felt about him, and rightly guessing her intentions, quickly abducted her and imprisoned her in a water dungeon (resembling a large peony in an underwater cavern beneath Zagato's court in her own palace), thinking that if he kept her locked up, she would not be able to summon the Magic Knights(and end her life). This, however, did not stop Princess Emeraude, who gave the call for the Magic Knights, and they arrived to Cephiro shortly after, effectively sealing her own fate. Believing if he destroyed the Magic Knights, he would be able to keep Emeraude safe and that by sheer will everything would turn out alright, Zagato sent his minions, one by one, but each one failed to carry out the task. In spite of all this, Zagato, who often visited Emeraude, flatly told her that there was only one thing in the world that he cared about - Emeraude herself.

The Magic Knights believed that Princess Emeraude's duties as the Pillar were disturbed due to her capture and imprisonment, and that getting rid of Zagato would free her and allow her to resume her duties. However, the result of their eventual killing of Zagato ended up being the polar opposite.

Once realising that her lover was dead, Princess Emeraude went into a state of shock. It eventually evolved into anger and pure hatred, causing a dark, sinister side of her to emerge. The kind, gentle and exquisite young girl transformed into a tall, regal, equally beautiful, but cold and murderous young woman who only wanted revenge for the man she had loved - forgetting that it was she who had summoned the Magic Knights in the first place.

When the Magic Knights came to confront her after defeating Zagato, she attacked them almost immediately, summoning her own Rune God and relentlessly pursuing them. Upon spotting Zagato's fallen sword, she grabbed it, caressed it lovingly, and claimed that she would use it to avenge his death. With neither sympathy nor mercy, she directly stabbed Hikaru/Rayearth in the shoulder, and even laughed cruelly upon seeing Hikaru fall on her knees in pain and hurt.

At the last moment, the Magic Knights received a vision of the real, good Emeraude, who informed them of the real situation: the actual reason for their summoning was so that they would kill her, relieving her of the task of being Pillar, and so she could be at peace and be with Zagato forever.

Initially, the stunned, utterly horrified Magic Knights could not bring themselves to do so. However, they saw that the vengeful, merciless version of Princess Emeraude was all ready to kill them, and that the very land of Cephiro itself was literally falling apart under her rage. They also heard Clef's telepathic pleas to them to grant the tormented Princess her true wish. The pure, good version of Princess Emeraude appeared before them again and begged them to grant her the "one and only selfish wish of her life", and send her to "where she may think only of Zagato" and be with him forever. Tearfully, the Magic Knights finally gave in, joining their powers together and reluctantly killed the Princess by running her through with their sword. Princess Emeraude died with a genuine, heartfelt smile, gently saying "Zagato...finally...I am yours, and only yours, my darling", and used the last of her power to send the Magic Knights home, back to the exact moment they disappeared from Toyko Tower. The last image of her they see is her purified adult self in Zagato's embrace, smiling sweetly and thanking the Knights for granting her last wish.

However, it was revealed that, even in death, Princess Emeraude continued to watch over her beloved country of Cephiro, given that her spirit returned twice in the second season: first, using the last of the power left in her tiara to unleash a mighty light that banished the evil witch, Debonair, back to where she came from, and vaporised all the monsters that Debonair had created to distract the others while she attempted to steal the tiara herself, knowing that doing so would allow her to conquer Cephiro. Second, to choose the new Pillar of Cephiro; both Hikaru and Eagle Vision had simultaneously entered the room in which her tiara was encased. She only said, "The new you," not specifying to whom she was referring. Given that both Hikaru and Eagle came out of the room alive (though unconscious), it can be theorised that what she meant was that either one of them could become the Pillar, as only one worthy of becoming the Pillar could enter and come out from the room alive.

After it is revealed that Hikaru is the new Pillar (Emeraude's tiara having morphed into a sword made of fire for Hikaru), she abolishes the Pillar system in memory of Princess Emeraude.

In certain stories including the MCF stories, she is ressurected and realized that Zagato was nothign but a jerk and has appearently broke up with him. During this time, she has fallen in love with Othello Reaper Boogie, grandfather to Oogie Boogie and the MCF's good friend is started to date him. Her latest appearence is in "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" episode "The Gigantic Love Case" where she is taken along with the lovers of Lover's Leap by Remy Buxaplenty and his Heart Breaker Birds. However, she is rescued along the other lovers by Othello and the MCF.

She appears in "MCF: A Musical Nightmare" where she encounters Damien the Music Slayer and must help Emmy help Jessy get her memories back

She then makes a cameo in "MCF: Mystery of the Voice" where she and Othello see the Cartoon Town Kids including the MCF perform Les Miserables.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Gigantic Love Case)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • MCF: Mystery of the Voice(Cameo)

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