Princess aurora

Princess Aurora is the main protagonist of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. She has hair as gold as the sun, rosy red lips, violet eyes and usually wears a pink dress with a white collar. She makes her debut in "MCF and the Princess Mystery" where she's one of the princesses captured by the Ice King. She was voiced by Mary Costa, then by Jennifer Hale.


Aurora was born to King Stefan and Queen Leah. She was betrothed to Prince Phillip, son of King Hubert during this time too and was bless with the gifts of song and beauty by her fairy godmothers, Flora and Fauna. Before her third, Merryweather could present her gift to the princess, Maleficent, the only bad fairy who wasn't invited to the christening, curses Aurora for when she turns 16 she'll prick her finger on the spinning wheel's spindle and die! Merryweather instead, changes her curse from death to sleep until true love's kiss awaken's her. Even though, Stefan ordered every spinning wheel to be burnt, the fairies decide to raise her like peasants in the woods until the time being. 16 years past and Aurora grows up to be as beautiful and great in singing under the name Briar Rose. She is sent to teh woods by Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to pick some berries in order for her not to know about the birthday party they're planning for her. There, she desires to have a prince to meet and fall in love with, so the animals dress up as one to cheer her up. During the mist, she meets Prince Phillip, her betrothed from 16 years ago. They fall in love, but Aurora leaves and tells Phillip where she lives. Aurora comes home to be suprised at the birthday party Flora, Fauna and Merryweather had did for her. She tells them about the man in teh woods, but they tell her her true identity and status as well as her betrothal to Prince Phillip. This heartbreaks Aurora on the verge of tears. She is brought back to the castle where Maleficent hypnotizes Auora to follow her up to the tower and touch the spinning wheel, catching the fairies' attention. It was too late, Auora touched it and fell into a deep sleep. She is later awakened by Phillip's kiss and the two are married.

In "MCF and the Princess Mystery", she is one fo the princesses captured by the Ice King. More is to be up as soon as the story's updated.


  • Despite being the main character, she had the least screentime than any princess.
  • She is the first to fall in love with the prince she was betrothed with since birth.
  • Aurora is also the first princess to have 2 colors for the same dress.
  • Aurora is the first princess unaware that she's born a princess; the second being Rapunzel.
  • She is one of the princess to know her prince from betrothal, though she didn't know that the man in the woods was her betrothed until the end.
  • In the original story, the princess slept for a century, but in the Disney movie, Aurora slept during the entire night between the sunset on her 16th birthday and the dawn on the next day.


  • MCF and the Princess Mystery(debut)